Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Mar 16 2024 - A Machine for Pigs]

Finally, it is time.

This pretty much says it… except I ended up landing on 50 if you include the sorcerer on palanquin and the octopus from a previous Golden Hat.

Pictured below are all of the new additions to fill out the unit. Past posts with WIPs of the older familiars are #116, #142, #223, #226, #235

Tjublings will serve as summoned minor golems forming the immediate guard of the mad sorcerer wading amongst his mob atop his mecha lobster palanquin. Also tried my own take on one of the @tjub character sculpts, the floating sorcerer, added an @Uther.the.unhinged heli-hat for good measure.

This quartet of FromSoftware inspired familiars is a mosh of obscurity. Mini Onion Knight sword bearer from Dark Souls 3… Steampunk reimagined Sekiro Pot Noble… Bloodborne Snek Ball with bits courtesy of @MichaelX… and nasty Bloodborne Snail Women. Cheers to anyone that knows what in Walhut’s wet whisker I’m talking about. More on Walhut later…

Gnoblar cosplay time. Parrot Gnoblar Hook Finger Bottjer… A quick harpoon conversion of a resin gob from Michael… and the Un-gnoblar a copycat of the several Unmade that will be in the unit and mostly spawned because I’m running low on gnoblar heads.

And then things got weird. I like to think I’m tapping into Terry Gilliam energy here, although as some have pointed out it’s likely closer to the little mermaid.

  1. Just an eel from @LaketideMiniatures
  2. Pixar lamp but clam?
  3. Clam in a self driving steam wheelbarrow dooting the crap out of a trumpet
  4. It’s a cuttlefish… with a jetpack… that is all

I’d like to ask for permission from @Loidrial to call this the WarLus. Seems like that’s how gnoblars would refer to their walrus steam tank ironclad boat thing. Still have some rivets to do but I ran out of energy shaking this dam thing like a rattle trying to fish the head and pistol out of its bowels during a dry fit gone wrong. Worth it? I hope so.

Lastly, a few older builds that needed some filler sized basing. Pile of blue stuffed horseshoe crabs made for a good riser to lift the manta above adjacent models for better ranking. Note the very tiny horseshoe crab on at the feet of the unmade daemon handler.