Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Mar 16 2024 - A Machine for Pigs]

Here comes the Fabeltjub Palanquin (Tjubbly Fablanquin?) of Hashut! (and/or perhaps also Walhut)

Big shouts to the below for making this one happen:
My first @Fabelzel model
Printed by @LaketideMiniatures
Inspired by @Zanko palanquin
Walrus Statues gifted by @MichaelX
And of course the Lings of @tjub

Converting effort on the palanquin itself was minimal. The dais itself was made from a Space Hulk standee and bits from a Chaos War Shrine. I slapped a bit of crackle paint on the sorcerer for good stony measure.

The rock turtle was somewhat inspired by Dark Souls 3 crystal lizards and rock turtles. One of the most cathartic exercises in the hobby for me is sprue whittling and scratching together crystal shapes. Turtle texture was just drawn lines with a sculpting tool coming back over with a flat rock just as I do cobblestone bases. The entire genesis of the turtle was to lazily avoid heartache of having the Tjublings support it, and I robbed extra Tjublings for future golems anyway so needed something to fill the space.

Painting was mostly my standard scheme with darn’d extra light sources. Almost went lava golems but I thought the dusty purply stone was better for the color overall. Rest assured Tjublavalings will arrive in good time.