Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Mar 16 2024 - A Machine for Pigs]

Introducing my swivel gun team proxy with bits from @oldschoolminis and a mage knight gun. Taking lots of advice from @Zoddtheimmortal navigating my growing helms offshoot. I’m rather happy with how this fuses the old school vibe with my nautical obsession and a bit of steampunk. The mage knight bits and the pintle mount had been dedicated to a swivel gun bash for ages when the OSM tortuga and asscannon crew arrived.

This was really one of the fastest kitbashes from start of idea to completion. Although likely years ago I’m sure there are comments in my blog referring to weapon platforms on the back of creatures.

EDIT: (my memory is good, of course Zodd’s ideas are gold)

Painting was pretty speedy and definitely a scheme plundered from Zoddville to the best I can manage. I’m sure I’ll get more practice when boars invade my backlog.