Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Mar 16 2024 - A Machine for Pigs]

Finally had the assembly and basing momentum to get these Russian Alt w/ Great Weapons ready for priming. These will accompany my Brothers Djinn filler but even with that I still had to do quite a bit of finessing to get a rankable unit. The remaining filler (also spirit related) helped to get these fellers into a block.

I swapped some of the more egregiously large axe heads for small(er) great hammers. Foreshadowing a future Mushussu scratch build with one of these hammer heads. Also converted is a Grulka miniature donated by @Baggronor in some old contest. I think she stands quite well with this crew. Gotta love the bagpiper with skull on a stick amplifier (standing by my claim that infantry units only exist to put cool musicians on the table).

Another hammer sculpt was inspired by the Bloodborne Boom Hammer with a miniature furnace that detonates on impact. Then there’s the poor lad that forgot his great weapon at home but thankfully has a trusty jar of magic stuff to unleash. I also think this brings to a close my @Admiral ceramics (I owe you a photo of all the uses when I’m done painting). I even had to make one of my own as a vessel for a not too subtle Walhut spirit (to get this unit up to 20).

Last conversion was a Mage Knight automaton that I bashed with a custom Whirligig Saw (pizza cutter of death or death lolli or Elden Ring Ghiza Wheel). Note the upside down Lego 1x1 cone hat that is a good substitute for the classic pins.