Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Mar 16 2024 - A Machine for Pigs]

In the wake of '22, the year of the BATG and therefore infantry painting, many single model projects were spurned. Alas, I wish my stalling on this project was confined to only last year. The origin of this model (similar to my siege giant) goes back to my childhood days collecting Mage Knight Black Powder Rebels. I’ve looted the wheels off of the original model and replaced the carriage with a Bionicle-adjacent lego piece that looked vaguely nautical. The SIEGE HIPPO is largely unmodified except for a beard.

Added bits from the Chaos Warshrine and gorebeast chariot (I think)… trying to match my own trim to that style.

Mandatory squid figurehead, a killa kan saw to make the demon mouth (“rudder”), two spellcrow dwarfs for crew, and a lot of pain in the arse heat gun work to make the hitch and rigging line up.

Overall, it’s about how I pictured it. This has been in the pile of ideas since nearly day 1 of my Chaos Dwarf army, and the model more than 15 years old. Although I’m kind of glad I waited as I really like the crew models that ended up falling in my lap very recently. Hopefully it gets painted soon…