Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Mar 16 2024 - A Machine for Pigs]

Minor progress but enough green to give it a share. Here’s the second entrant into my arsenal, the irresistable OSM asscannon.

The main addition is some of my own daemonic ammunition inspired by the canon asscannon demon ball in hand that came with the kit. Naturally I had to add a barrow-full. Definitely a walrus, a cyclop squidward, and some first generation Digimon in the mix.

Rectal-inspector gob crucified on toilet scrub brush was probably some idea from a clearly very serious discord chat.

Come to think of it I have no idea why there’s a sarlacc tentacle barrel. Perhaps some of the stored munitions started to mutate before they could be fired. The real reason is I ran out of barrel lids and needed a way to cover up the part of the barrel that’s molded to be carried as a backpack.

For those of you enthusiastically keeping count, this is the third wheelbarrow in my Chaos Dwarf collection. Many more to come, never enough.

Keeping the dust on the base in the picture to remind me of my shame.