Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Mar 16 2024 - A Machine for Pigs]

Up next on WIPs for the Ironclad Fleet… we have uhh… this thing!

The Chaos Dwarf Rototiller!
Treaded Spingrinder!
Sector McChorficus Ventihauler Primus Tracktor?

Whatever… it’s a tenderizer proxy at best. Or a 90 degrees off axis whirlwind.

This one sat in the bin for ages, but Bitz-from-Chitz provided the impetus to cross the critical mass kitbash threshold of no return. I really had some fortuitous iron daemon bits leftover to make the tiller and chain drive (which was a pain to align).

For some reason this was going to be a rocket launcher hauler for the longest time. A big bits re-org and arrival of Kharadron crew lead me to discover how perfectly the chaos chariot yoke fit the front. Things fell into place from there to try and get an Azgorh style chicken tenderizer.

Most of the work was on the back replacing the existing admech controls with a more suitable steampunk look. This is peak hobby entertainment for me. Notable item learned here is that slices of a Lego rod make nice small valve crank wheels.

The servohauler kit continues to be the most value added GW kit I’ve ever purchased. And it has not finished bequeathing its boon yet. But more on that later…

Hobby attention span has been fleeting and I’ve been riding the waves to whatever pile of crap wants to get glued together. Hopefully this will spur some painting soon.