Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Mar 16 2024 - A Machine for Pigs]

Alongside my latest round of bastard sculpting, I’ve finally crossed the finish line on my second unit of bikini bottom chaffe!

Old mage knights and @tjub sculpts pave the way for filling this piecemeal unit with tiny monstars to fit and rank up nicely. The whole Tjub range belongs in 28mm WHFB if you ask me. Who’s ready for TOW? Everyone needs some miniature duck billed lava platypus cows in their life. Call it a Dark Lands Roomba for short. Also featured is a poorly sized Oss head that craved his own miniature tjubling sized bastard.

I wish I could remember who to credit for the beagle crab idea (turns out the SEO on beagle crab is pretty effective)

@Bowser linked me to the Lamarckdromia beagle “fluffy crab”. Obviously couldn’t resist a crab with a mustache. The Tjubling Prawn centaur (prawntaur?) is a DIY, in Tjub’s style best I could muster, that I had planned for an old centaur contest but never finished. (in fact the same centaur contest that spawned the beagle crab)

I’m happy with colors in the animated mud (and definitely not just Muk) that is my take on how seepage from a daemon engine that sprung a leak onto the forge floor would look. The mage knight on the left was a former wood elemental that I repurposed into lava. Poor manticore had his wings looted for some old vampire conversion so he gets duty as a pygmy lamassu. Blood angels sanguinary guard power hammer back makes for a decent Mesopotamian hat top?

Here are the freaks and geeks all ranked up. The Admiralty I spy is not as difficult on this unit as the last. But a fun game might be to try and guess all the different mini manufacturers that are represented.

You’d probably have to scour the older posts to sleuth the niche mini companies hidden in here.

Go forth my mini minions of mayhem. These problematic failed experiments go straight to the front line and us daemonsmiths can only hope they die along with a few enemies.