Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Mar 16 2024 - A Machine for Pigs]

Time to share the full slate of pictures from my entry to Golden Hat XLII. I’m sure it was extremely difficult to discern my entry given the definitely not my avatar image on the blimp. All base models are from Red Bard Games Dwarf Reinforcements Kickstarter with the added bits from Admiralty and 4A miniatures Castle Hat.

Really enjoyed painting these up even though the converting effort was minimal. Castle hat is just a top tier miniature. Dare I say one of the best minis I own. Not much behind the scheme really. I was going for the color of copper patina roofing.

Here are a couple WIPs of the Castlenaught. I removed the tower topper and crossbow crew as I just couldn’t resist the meme of the legendary castle hat dwarf in a tank that has a face and a castle tower that looks like a hat with Tjublings with castle hats as decor. The portcullimask on the left Tjub is my favorite bit. For anyone intimately familiar with the Tjub range… it was a pain to convert one to be left handed but it had to be done. Eagle eyes will spot another Tjub lava platypus cow on the airship base.