Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Mar 16 2024 - A Machine for Pigs]

Golden Hat XXXIII entry. The Runemaster’s staff was just begging to become a pyromancer’s hat and I had been tossing around concepts to incorporate Fyreslayers in conversions. When the flaming bull endless spell was released I had a bit more of an idea formulated but struggled with indecision for a while. The Golden Hat motivated me to make some choices and move forward. I didn’t have any faces that I liked so I went ahead and hacked one together with green stuff. Took a leap of faith with the flowing lava texture on his base too.

PSA: Highly recommend Warcolours paints especially those looking to experiment with wet blending. The consistency and working time is perfect for applications like fire, lava, wavy water, etc. I snagged the speciality fire set and had a blast working with them. I’ve also had some good luck mixing them with Vallejo paints to hit a middle ground of opacity and working time.