Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Mar 16 2024 - A Machine for Pigs]

Legends of the butcher, Porco Dio, have traveled to the hill country. Weak willed halfling swine would venture from their homesteads to leave offerings in the name of the bloodthirsty Porco Dio. Fear of the legend became worship…

The ravenous cult of Porco Dio emerged from myth. They may be small in stature and in number, but the ruinous powers engender many forms of ingenuity most consider to be… unnatural.

Here I am joining @Zoddtheimmortal on team Chaos Halfling. This Mantic Iron Beast didn’t stay on the grey pile too long. The kit needed some work to fit together well, a common feature of Mantic it seems… but the model is ace and I barely did anything to it beyond adding a few OSM heads.

Painting was a quick affair but I just didn’t quite finish this in time for the Golden Hat. My DIY verdigris tech paint put in some work on the metals.

Not sure if the Halfling cult of Porco Dio will make regular appearances but surely these won’t be the last halflings on this blog. Oh the Maxmini deals, how they sing to me… it’s enough to make a man sick.