Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Mar 16 2024 - A Machine for Pigs]

Finally rolled up an army list and added it to a placeholder post at the top. This represents most of what I’ve painted minus some things dedicated for future units and not taking full advantage of my characters. Thanks @Jasko for the Battlescribe help a while back in some other thread around CDOff times.

Edit: realizing I forgot some units in there. Oh well, 6k will be a shorter effort… I need to paint things… anythings


Triple Iron Daemon, bring the pain!
Good stuff. I think what we all want is the corresponding photo of the whole army :cd1991:


Just wait for the ninefold arsenal…

As requested, a good prompting for an updated family pic.

Also realized I forgot my lamassu in the point roll up because it was on the special shelf…


This is some good stuff!! Nice work and good cohesion of the colour scheme, that’s something I struggle with unless I paint everything at the same time :wink:

PS Where is the guy on the pike from in your cannon crew pic just above the epic handshake?

PPS I couldn’t resist…

it’s a PLUMBER for the Ironclad Fleet !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Pretty sure he’s made from a few different gnoblars in the scraplauncher kit.

Baha! Up next, blubber for the ironclad fleet!

Also thanks for the shout on the cohesion. I’m sure that will go to shite when my OSM boar cavalry knocks at the door and I chuck pastels on them indiscriminately.

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Just excellent! Like Nico said, so cohesive!
That glorious ass-cannon is truly a center-piece.


Just as Oxy didn’t start an undead army. I’m definitely not starting an ogre army. As evidence to that irrefutable fact, I’m keeping these ogres in this blog as mercenaries. Otherwise I’d be admitting to accidentally starting an ogres army, which I’m not doing. Going back on that would be poor optics, cross posted threads, an off topic showcase… blah blah blah. Nope. mutters passing enumerations of Bishop Brian Passman

Most of the ogres are from Red Bard which I highly recommend. The Kickstarter was smooth sailing. Let’s just say the full-bodied booming of the tummy drummer has beckoned these ogres to the spoils of war.

Like I said, an accident. I wanted 2 units of 6 characterful ogre mercs. Surprise Kickstarter freebies and a rediscovered OSM whale mutant brought me to 16. 16 isn’t enough for 3 units so had to generate some ideas and overshot to 20….

Entirely out of my control.

Finally the first named character in my ogre kingdoms ar-redacted ahem cough ….small group of mercenaries

Heggtor Gutboasta and his monkey, Curious Gorge

I’m pretty happy with my 3rd, head-and-arms-becomes-full-ogre sculpt. I find ogres fairly forgiving sculpting practice as they’re bigger and adding more layers to cover mistakes only makes them fatter and therefore better. The gnoblar pump wagon-fulla-loot landsurfer was very fun to make as well. Glad I got that out of my system before this became a full army project, phew.

Thanks for reading… YOU CAN’T PROVE ANYTHING, move along, these aren’t the ogres you’re looking for…


Holy crap! :exploding_head:

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and then you just casually add a monkey sculpted from scratch. Very evocative, great stuff as always!


Also just wanted to give a big shout out to you folks who have stuck through all my rambling, made up words, and bad puns, etc… This blog is over the 400 post mark and it’s been a pleasure hobbying with you all the whole way. CDO is the hidden hanging garden of the internet, a huge enrichment to my hobby and beyond.

Someday maybe i’ll hit critical mass of tentacles and asscannons… but it is not this day. clinks mugs On to another 400!


this chap and the monkey…so cool!!!


Up next on WIPs for the Ironclad Fleet… we have uhh… this thing!

The Chaos Dwarf Rototiller!
Treaded Spingrinder!
Sector McChorficus Ventihauler Primus Tracktor?

Whatever… it’s a tenderizer proxy at best. Or a 90 degrees off axis whirlwind.

This one sat in the bin for ages, but Bitz-from-Chitz provided the impetus to cross the critical mass kitbash threshold of no return. I really had some fortuitous iron daemon bits leftover to make the tiller and chain drive (which was a pain to align).

For some reason this was going to be a rocket launcher hauler for the longest time. A big bits re-org and arrival of Kharadron crew lead me to discover how perfectly the chaos chariot yoke fit the front. Things fell into place from there to try and get an Azgorh style chicken tenderizer.

Most of the work was on the back replacing the existing admech controls with a more suitable steampunk look. This is peak hobby entertainment for me. Notable item learned here is that slices of a Lego rod make nice small valve crank wheels.

The servohauler kit continues to be the most value added GW kit I’ve ever purchased. And it has not finished bequeathing its boon yet. But more on that later…

Hobby attention span has been fleeting and I’ve been riding the waves to whatever pile of crap wants to get glued together. Hopefully this will spur some painting soon.


I love this so much! The spikey thing in the front looks great, that chain fits too good!
But did you sculpt all those controls there from GS? Damn!

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Magic of blue stuff friendo! As a fellow blimp owner I highly recommend a rummage through those kits for some quality blue stuffage.


Lovely steampunk tenderiser.

I need to investigate my sons ironclad!

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:hat4: .
:head1: .


Love the conversions, consistent and amazing quality! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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You might not know, but I’m a big fan of your war engines, foremost the tentacle thing from before last year. (Might steal part of the idea one day.)
With a CC construct like this, it is quite a challenge to make it look dangerous but not silly. Now, concerning the roll on this last one, I very much like the credible technical part, namely the chain, but I’m unsure about the ‘dangerous’ part. I mean whether the two gears look destructive enough with all the smooth parts on the rest of the roll.
But overall, the other elements look well chosen and sculpted again.

Intrestin, appreciate the comment.

I originally had some other spring loaded drills and smashy/cutty bits that I omitted due to clutter and front loading (both visually and technically due to cantilevered weight). Would’ve been spiritually closer to the original tenderizer in that goofy regard.

Maybe I’ll find inspiration or different suitable bits to pick it up again.

Maybe I just ran out of steam. shrugs

Well, I also can’t blindly tell whether it would not miss the ‘not goofy’ part otherwise. ^^
Maybe keeping them functional but small enough could be the key.