Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [May 19 2022 - Lamassu WIP]

Not a bad idea sir…


Amazing unit man. The creativeness seen here in all these random sculpts could be indicative of descent into madness? Haha

Great job!


Porco dio the WARLUS is amazing!! Everything here is, but man, the warlus!!
I love how everything sticks to this community, even our own grammar mistakes can create something xD
:hat5: Fenomenal
:head4: Seal of approval (means you have to make a seal itself, the animal, keep going with the puns)


This honestly might be one of my favourite units ever, in any game.

So, so good.

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CRAP, it never ends. What a great idea!

I’m already deep in the bowels, THE BOWELS!

Double crap, well… I don’t have to cast the divine bones of Walhut to know my fate was sealed for another unit of 50.

Perhaps Hashoot will make an appearance :owl:


Warlus WIPs as promised

These are the bits that started the build. Not all of them made it in the final but I wasn’t too far off. The little plane was an LED keychain light before it got savaged by clippers and knives.

Second stage is the true mockup. The crows nest was visualized with perfect pointing gnoblar. Ships wheel gnoblar got ousted for a future project due to space.

Mocked together with tac. Appropriate beerverage assistance advised.

Some gluing finally committed. Revisited my pirate roots with a good ol hat sculpt.

And the previously shown “final” shots. Just needs some rivets when I go around and put rivets on bases for the unit. While the door with rotating wheel was straight from the initial concept. The sliding window porthole with hiding pistol gnoblar was a last minute addition I’m very happy with.


This build is probably my favourite between all of yours! Praise Warlus!


Haha… What with this Walrus thing? :thinking:


It was a dumb pun that originated in a What in the world will GW do to Chaos Dwarfs in AoS train of conversation. An offhand musing that gained traction, especially since the damnable high elves took our cows. (Edit: spelling should be high aiolielves…)


Community has since run with the joke in a serious manner and as usual it has turned into something far greater than GW could hope to achieve. The Hoary Sea Father cometh


No wonder my first thought was “Hey, those look just like @Xander 's Chaos Dwarfs!” :smiley:

I’ve always been a diehard fan of the Hellcannon and crew look. Xander always nails it to perfection.

Marvellous gift! They’re in the best of hands. Good conversions and unit fillers as well!

Gloriously mad Skullcracker, as well! A jolly creation to be sure.

And ahahaha, a horde of 50 homebrew contraptions is a marvellous sight to behold. So fun to see @tjub 's Tjublings in there as well. Great fun unit, sir!

@Uther.the.unhinged 's helihat designs will conquer the world. And love the warlus and everything else in there! Thumbs up for Gnoblars!

Such a jolly mad, awesome regiment…!


Happy holidays to all! Here lies all of the progress pics from my Zhanta gift to @Vapo

The miniature started as a Mage Knight Dwarf Axe Knight although his axe, helm, and apparently knees had been hacked off ages ago. The poor soul sat neglected in the bin for too long! The stone hammer was looted from another trashed mage knight.

The shark helmet was pure accident but after an errant pinch of the green stuff I elected to keep it! I was aiming for the Dark Souls Abyss Watchers helmet but had to stop in my tracks at Street Shark. Ended up covering up most of the old mini. Cloth and beard upgrades were desperately needed.

Don’t worry, this won’t be the last shark helm you see on this blog.


I don’t know how you manage to make things menacing and humorous at the same time, but you always seem to manage it!


So in love with this shark helm sculpt


fuck yes


Holy Hashut I forgot all about those! That’s amazing :rofl::rofl::rofl: some of the best toys I had when j was younger

What a cool sculpt dude :clap:t2: classic dwarf pose


I challenge you to do a hammer head helm at some point or a basking shark helm with the dwarfs head visable inside. Fits your theme. Fish helm dwarfs

Riding crustaceans maybe?


Or a goblin shark helm with a mutant dwarf face kinda projecting out where the jaws would be…


Loving the sharkfin hat. Beautifully realized. Nice painted result too. The molten metal on the hammer and base is awesome.


Product of a weekend without painting supplies. It has been on my list for some time to immortalize the ass in my lore book.

Or maybe this is just lyrical rampage for Spetum Rhetoric’s next studio album. I’ll let you decide.


Soooo coool. Love the lore. Icky but cool!