Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Nov 3 2022 - Great Weapons are Great]

Absolutely glorious creations! And that must be the coolest use for the vase I’ve ever seen anyone come up with! And I didn’t expect @Fuggit_Khan’s crook hat to show up on a mechanical hermit crab. Wonderful stuff! Love the eel and Manta as well. Such great vision and designs.

There is a pattern emerging, since the shapes of Tau vessels and vehicles tend to be inspired by nautical life. :wink:

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Thanks @Admiral and @Fuggit_Khan I’ve really been enjoying using those metal bits, even steam creatures need hats :tophat:. I might only have one hat left! I’m glad to finally have a use for the crook hat which I was having trouble placing on my characters. And you might be right about the Tau considering I’m working on those concurrently…

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Somehow, I have only just seen this! Unfortunately, I was only popping on quickly, so have skimmed through (150 posts…). Your work and army is looking amazing and it’s a great and interesting concept!

You’ve reminded me of why I fell in love with Chaos Dwarf forums so very many years ago - the sheer creativity, boldness and conversion work for such a cool race; people can make them whatever they want too be.

Gotta say, your lorebook and art style in it are truly phenomenal and such a beautiful (er, I mean cruel) example of how much love (er, I mean hatred) there is in this hobby. It’s great you essentially have an in-world journal and the aesthetic is so reminiscent of the scratchings of liber chaotica too.

Also, gotta quickly say I love how often you use my name - both in said journal and this blog :wink:

As for your tinker (tailor) soldier (spy?) crustacean creations, you could maybe use them as hobgoblins or orcs or something? Animosity being their daemonbinding or differing motions colliding etc?


Thank you @HashutsBlessing for bestowing upon me, well, uh, Hashut’s Blessing. :upside_down_face: I’ll happily accept a comparison to the liber any day. Still enjoy leafing through those books especially since I dabble in Tzeentch too. Mine sort of has turned into an historian’s journal and I’m definitely okay with that.

I think what you stated about Chaos Dwarfs is very accurate and a large part of what lured me in as well. Such a great aesthetic that can be spun in many ways and a variety of different units (machines, artillery, monsters, rank & file, cav, flying, etc) to play with. Also definitely liking your ideas for the steamcritters, especially the animosity due to their binding.


No new painted Reavers but I have made some long needed progress on DIY movement trays. After receiving all of the Russian Alt. infantry I decided it was about time and could make a decent estimate at all of the materials needed. Quick CAD model only needs two dimensions altered before exporting each tray for FDM printing. Magnets and adhesive sheet are from Green Stuff World. Once I get a few more of these made I’ll texture and paint the top face but for now they’re still a great quality of life improvement. Put magnets in the bottom of the tray as well for future adhesion to metal shelving or carrying case.


Been dawdling around with some other minis and getting over hobby blocks for some of my other armies. Alongside the recent Golden Hat I did finish assembling and basing this unit of Infernal Guard with Fireglaives but unfortunately they didn’t make it past this point in the assembly line. Pretty happy with the small bits of green stuff work to add Reavers logos.

Had a lot of fun making this troop filler and the comically large black powder dispenser.

Sorted around heads from a few different Russian Alternative kits to get masks on all of these except the unit captain. Accidentally created a cool mini anchor cutting up a space marine banner pole.


Awesome stuff! Love the use of the Servohauler kit! I did somehting similar for a Dwarf Steamtank! Xander's Cities of Sigmar army - #4 by Xander

Keep up the great work!


That steamtank is awesome. Particularly the hatches and addition of the engine on the back. The servohauler kit is so versatile, it’s great to see what other people do with it. Admech, 40k Orks, Chaos Dwarfs, Dwarfs… it has uses everywhere!

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Thanks! I totally agree, plus the kit is way less expensive than most modern kits! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Incredible conversion work again, I’m not sure if more impressed with your minis before or after painting :exploding_head: even the bases are mind blowing

Great work :+1:t2::vulcan_salute:t2:


Thanks a bunch @GhraskDragh I know what you mean. I’m usually in camp prior to painting. But there’s a good degree of satisfaction watching primer blend a conversion together. After that there’s no small amount of stubbornness and dislike of unfinished business to get things to the finish line. All depends on mood though since a long painting session is sometimes just what I need.


Here’s an early stage WIP for my K’Daai Destroyer that I’ve been stewing on for quite some time. Really wanted to take this in a different direction than most I’ve seen but still pay homage to the wealth of great conversions and concepts this community has displayed. Still have to mull over my grandiose plans to cover lots of the shell with molten cracking effects, masking the FDM print lines.

Sifted through many different sea creatures in my head trying to land on a good starting point. Giant turtle, giant jellyfish, and giant crab began as the frontrunners. I’ve seen crab Khorne themed Chaos Defilers but when I saw the GW Lord Discordant for Chaos Space Marines the legs in particular reminded me of concept art for the destroyer.

So far a lot of the work and waffling has been spent tinkering on the face. I got a used pre-assembled Lord Discordant on eBay which was great since I was going to hack it up anyway but it did present challenges trying to integrate the gear maw. I’m going to come back and replace some of the tendrils I needed to cut away but I’m finally happy with the starting point.


20151104 Dragon Turtle n Crabbie

Here’s one I did for a Man-O-War Monster using a sea-shell. For size I think its on a 40mm base.


Wonderful conversion, so thematic for your army!

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Spot on! Your army is truly one of a kind… :exploding_head:

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Those are awesome! That’s a really fun scale for customs.

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:exploding_head: love seeing updates on this blog and that’s why :grin:

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Enjoyed painting this small unit of Infernal Guard with Fireglaives from Russian Alternative. Moving on to basing blunderbuss warriors next. Have a magnetic movement tray already printed for these guys when I get back from the holidays.

Also, in case anyone is curious I cheated and printed my own bases at 22.5mm square that have a hole to press fit a disc magnet perfectly. I didn’t like how they looked on 20mm or 25mm so I bulk printed my own bases at about 2 cents (USD) per base.


They look great! 2.25cm bases…dirty…haha


Just conferring with the Hierarchy.

To see if this (2.25cm) counts as heresy.