Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Nov 3 2022 - Great Weapons are Great]

Golden Hat XXXIII entry. The Runemaster’s staff was just begging to become a pyromancer’s hat and I had been tossing around concepts to incorporate Fyreslayers in conversions. When the flaming bull endless spell was released I had a bit more of an idea formulated but struggled with indecision for a while. The Golden Hat motivated me to make some choices and move forward. I didn’t have any faces that I liked so I went ahead and hacked one together with green stuff. Took a leap of faith with the flowing lava texture on his base too.

PSA: Highly recommend Warcolours paints especially those looking to experiment with wet blending. The consistency and working time is perfect for applications like fire, lava, wavy water, etc. I snagged the speciality fire set and had a blast working with them. I’ve also had some good luck mixing them with Vallejo paints to hit a middle ground of opacity and working time.


This post should bring me up to date with my old CDO blog. Now onward to uncharted waters!

Second half of my Golden Hat entry with a few WIP pictures. Received these 6 K’Daai in used condition and decided to make my own heads and swap weapons to create some variety. Put a little extra work into the Manburner and gave him a hat to top it off. Pulled in a few bits from the Fyreslayer Pyromancer conversion to tie them together.


I absolutely loved the bull. The lava effect was brilliant. As for the k’daii, well they are the most K’daii ish of any K’daii I have seen . Fantastic.

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Great stuff. Beautiful conversions on the K’daii and Bull rider. Lovely pieces, with one thought. The paint on the bull and rider is well done, but the brown coat of the bull itself spans a large surface. Perhaps this is exactly what you were going for as it makes the eye go to the rider. Some minor detail such as tattos or sigils on the bull might add additional visual interest. Love the basing again, really striking!

Beautiful additions to your army, not a criticism, just food for thought. Cheers!

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That’s a good idea, now that I’m not up against a contest deadline could definitely revisit, maybe some seared brands or something. I like the way you think.

Thanks @Jackswift for the idea/feedback. Had some time to work on this real quick and gave me an excuse to try out the convenience of mobile upload since I’ve been migrating from imgur thus far.


Wow, even better. Great freehand there

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That was quick! And of top quality. Great painting, Reaver, and good eye there, Jackswift!

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Looks amazing, and makes the model even more striking without taking away from the paint job on the rider. Well done!

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l loved the daemonsmith kitbash and its drawings

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Probably one of my favorite character models that I’ve ever finished and one of those cases where the bits just fell into place (perhaps by Hashut’s will).

This looks awesome, loving the base too!

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Been a while since last update so here’s a WIP sorcerer of Hashut. Really a mosh of parts and sculpting but I’m pleased so far, been wanting to use that pipe for a while. Idea ended up being reminiscent of an ogre firebelly except forming sorcerous energy by blowing smoke and ash.


This conversion is a work of art!

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That is one epic sorcerer! Great use of parts and sculpting. :slight_smile:

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Oh that looks great! Excited for the paintjob

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Agreed! Amazing, love the Fabius Bile (has anyone else just discovered they’ve been saying that wrong for years :thinking::grin:) influence with the suringes at the side, love the old school hat in there and that back banner is fantastic where is it from?

It’s fun to look through and guess all the parts :grin:

The curled up ‘boots’ and skulls at the end of the beards and the wonderfully designed shoulder pads… its safe to say I’m a big fan of this

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Thanks all! Still a good bit of work to do sculpting the plume coming out of his mouth. Then he’ll need a base and a story!

Good ‘I spy’ game for sure. Backpack rack/banner is from the newish GW CSM Lord Discordant. I’m a sucker for the tiny furnace look…

Sorcerer update, been adding to the smoke slowly over the last week. This turned out to be more challenging than I thought but it’s close to the result I was aiming my blunderbuss at hoping for some success. Took inspiration from @tjub Tjubgob characters and the Flaming Scimitar from Dreadfleet.


Cool, this turned out to be one of the more epic characters of late! Great work. :slight_smile:
…and glad to be able to inspire. :stuck_out_tongue: