Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Sep 20 2022 - Bighat Spirit]

Have you regressed to habitual lurking? I hope not. Who else will poke a stick at my pointed polearm puns.

Thank you muchly regarding the palanquin. Of the things I’ve done and perhaps will ever do I think it’s the closest I’ll get to representing the spirit of CDO in a single model. But that’s what ya get when you take a large handful of ideas and models from the other inspiring folks around the forum and slap them onto a single piece.

Also just something about petrified sorcerers… they’re just so chorfy in mood and aesthetic. If one good thing came out of the Dancing Yak Kickstarter dying it’s that I got to use a fab @Fabelzel model instead. I literally (and fortunately) backed the yak for only his sorcerer

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Every time I think your inventions cannot become any scarier…

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Late to the party , but that looks so cool

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Quick bighat spirit Djinn to get the poor guy out of my bits bin bottom. Not sure if he’ll end up as filler in a future chorf unit or as familiar filler. It might make sense to have him next to a sorcerer nested in pirate familiars 2: dead dwarf fest.


Wow, this is one of my favourite minis