Post Apoc Japanese Sci-fi Skirmish Warband

Something a little different, a Japanese themed armored samurai, sumo, robotic warband. Been working on these for several years as a side project. I get them on the table whenever I can, and the warband has been used for several game systems over the years including but not limited to ‘This is not a Test’ and ‘Konflict 47’. Models span roughly 8-10 different ranges including Taban Miniatures, Infinity, Euphoria Miniatures, Wyrd Malifaux 1.0, Urban Mammoth, Dystopian Legions, Dust Tactics, and a few others. Many are converted for use as both melee and ranged combat models:

And some WIP models:



They are very cool. The blue is great, it sets of the model perfectly

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