Prince's Chosen aka "The Purple Reign of Pain"

It started with a purple test model and things kind of spiralled from there. Now I have bags of Prince symbols and an unpainted host of to-be-funky Chaos Dwarves.

Here’s the first batch, many more to come.

(The demon is a Blood Rage Fire Giant, whose colour scheme prompted the purple and started this whole charade. He’ll serve as a K’Dai I reckon)

Prince-themed puns welcome. So far I have:

Army: The Purple Reign of Pain
Hobgobs will wear Raspberry Berets
Chariot: Little Red Corvette
Infernal Guard: The Beautiful Ones


I think you need some naked she dwarfs as unit fillers. I saw a great one somewhere but no idea now sadly.

Looks great so far, keep it up!

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Wow, these guys are amazing :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

Very cool and unique theme, wish I knew more about it to chime in but I know enough to enjoy this :cd1991gif:


Really cool concept, and sick painting

Which brand are the dorfs from?

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Thanks! These are Russian Alternative, and I’ve a handful of Scibor coming too. Next stop: a bear-riding Overlord :smiling_imp:

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Time travelling bear rider. For WHFB he’ll proxy as a Taur’ruk. For 40k… Hashut only knows. Looking forward to this one.


More troops for Prince’s Legion: 10 x infernal guard, a Castellan and a bear-riding, hammer-wielding, sword-swinging hero. Bear guy still needs weapon and base work, but nearly done.


  • Bear Rider (sword and base finished)
  • Bull Centaur Renders
  • Some kind of daemonic cannon kitbash!

The army (so far!) on parade


Ooh! i love it! very cool army mate! I love how the cannon is pushed in the mount of dirt. Almost as if the recoil caused it to sink in.

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Thanks very much! I hadn’t planned that but now you mention it :wink:

I thought maybe its ‘legs’ spin violently into the ground, drinking up daemon blood and nudging the machine across the battlefield. Like some perverse mechanical frog.

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Really like this army! Well done using alot of different manufacturers but still keeping it all tied together. :hatoff: