Pyro's Continuing Blog: Unreleased Chaos Dwarf

I can’t believe I’ve started this blog three times now and I still haven’t finished painting my collection. The annoying thing now is that I could finish it all off in less than a week if I actually had the damn time. It’s been a busy few years, spent some time in China, where I’ll probably be returning to in the next few months. I’ve sold off everything apart from my Chaos Dwarfs, Stormcast and Kharadron to try cut down on the pile of shame as much as possible. I think I’ve only painted one Chaos Dwarf since my last blog post (in 2017?!?!).

This is all I really have left to finish:

I sold off the rest of my Lost Kingdom stuff, I just found the resin casts way too flimsy. I only got around to building these last two units recently and realised I’m missing a few bits to finish the last two. One crossbowman has lost all the fingers on his hand so he can’t hold his crossbow and one warrior has lost his axe. If anyone has these STL files and is able to help out I would appreciate it.

I’ve been working on my master’s degree the last year which took up most of my time. I somehow ended up with the Necron half of the Indomitus box, after I had already sold my Necron collection, so that took up what painting motivation I had. Still a work in progress but I’m happy with how it’s turning out.

I’m not sure how much I’ll manage to get done before I head back to China for a year, but I think it’s about time I got out everything painted from storage and checked just how much I’ve got done. That 1000pt army medal has been taunting me for long enough.


Looking good @PyroStick

I remember your work and contributions during my lengthy lurking phase in the OG forum. So cool to have you back and active posting again! That forgeworld daemonsmith looks amazing! Love the osl on his staff.


@PyroStick I’ve not been part of the old forum but I’m so happy to see old guard come back. I hope you find more time to paint as that looks great!

Welcome back!

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I’m pretty sure you are famous…I’m sure I’ve spent time looking at your chaos dwarfs on the older site and probably elsewhere. You might be able to get someone to get your old blog added to your new one or vice versa…?
I see you have sjoerdos amazing chaos warrior mini mes . Definitely have to paint those before china

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He’s pretty active in the archive. Or at least.m I’ve seen Pyro pop ip quite a bit :slight_smile:

Yeah I logged in with 99+ archive notifications and I’m still getting dozens more every day. My old blog is still being transferred over but it’s still got a few years to go. If I had known it was happening earlier I would probably have deleted a load of them haha. It’s weird having everything stupid I said as a teenager saved :sweat_smile:

I got some paint down on all the sjoerdo ones today but I’ve only got Mondays and Fridays to work on things, in between the nightmare visa paperwork, so hopefully I’ll be able to do small updates on those days. I really want to get those finished soon so I can rank them up with the rest of the MM90s.

Just remembered I haven’t finished the asscannon either and I’m not sure where I put it. I just need the mortar crew and it will be complete. Back to eBay I go


Ah I’m sure it’s not that bad…

Immediately searches for a good laugh


Haha, no worries mate. We are enjoying it all.

Sorry about the notifications, we assumed it would be nice for members to have their history.


Awesome stuff, Pyro. :slight_smile:

Glad to have you posting again! :smiley:


Keep at it, lord of the winged helmet sorcerers! I believe in you. :beer:

I like your painting style. The Necrons are turning out fine.

Personally I like the archive notifications. It’s nice revisiting others’ kind comments and various gems. They also helped remind me that I hadn’t salvaged Grimstonefire’s miniature pictures from the Marketplace section, because they were not in Hobby. So they may be handy for catching up stragglers among content salvage and distillation of CDO treasures.

Dumbness should be constant. No peak or valleys depending on age. Just a steady high level throughout all life. :tongue:



Nice army, good luck with the painting (I know it’s needed because I can’t seem to get my army painted either)!

:open_mouth: The legendary Zargod! If you reaaally can’t seem to get him painted I could take him of your hands and give it a try :wink: I might get him finished in the next decade :smiley:


I had to rush this near the end, and I had to rebuild the base a few times, but I’m glad I finally managed to complete this project. I’ve tried painting it a few times before but always stripped it and put it aside again. Decided it was time to get it done for this GH.


Glad you did Pyro, what a great version of that classic mini, bet your proud to have that one in your collection :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Your unmistakable style was a clear giveaway, I’ve always loved your painting and the old school aesthetics of everything you do with your miniatures.
Such a cool entry, well done Sir.


Very chic classic model, and your painting has made it really ingenious.

Your effort with the base has paid off.


Very cool entry! :metal: I have yet immediately thought that it is your entry! Unmistakably from Pyro! :wink:


Indeed, great to see you at it, Pyro! Nice painting, and lovely touch with the reloading there!

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@GhraskDragh This is definitely my favourite version out of all the asscannon style models. I almost didn’t include the whole crew when I couldn’t find the mortar crew at a reasonable price but I managed to pick up the one holding the ball at the last minute and added him to the base. By then I had already added the mage/assmancer as a loader in its place but I think it looks pretty cool with the four crew instead.

@Fuggit_Khan @Zanko It’s wild to me that people recognise my painting haha. Although I guess I can recognise the painting of the older members as well.

Thanks for the kind words everyone, I am glad you all enjoyed it.

Me - 16 March: This was the last large piece I needed to complete for my 3rd edition Chaos Dwarf army (unless anyone can help me source some whirlwind parts). I’ve got about six warriors left to finish before I can take some army shots

Me - 24th March

Technically these are Dwarf Empire/Imperial Dwarf miniatures (commissioned by, now produced by Dwarf Empire Archives - The Assault Group) but @Zoddtheimmortal’s painted version caught my eye and I had to have some. As they are also sculpted by John Pickford, I thought they would fit well with the Ewal Dvergar from the OSM kickstarter. The wolf pelt sculpts fit right in as they are, but I will probably swap the heads of the boar knight sculpts for some extras from the heavy boar knights from the kickstarter when it delivers. I went for these over another pack of the bear knights with hammers because I thought some variety in the weapons would look better and the helmets on the Bear Knights II pack were a bit too dwarfy looking as well. So I’ll be adding a unit of 8 mixed pony and boar cavalry to my 3rd edition army, and most likely another 8 crossbowmen to my unit of 15, and maybe a command group to round out the numbers. Depending on how the stretch goals for the campaign go, maybe another War Machine. Speaking of…

I bought this Whirlwind a while ago but it was missing a few bits. The wheel scythes aren’t that big of a deal but the big shield hasn’t come up on eBay recently (at least one I was sure wasn’t a recast), but I found a way to make it work until I can source a proper one, and I should have a boar centaur next week. The 8 Nominus Malus were supposed to be the last of the troops. The first rank are complete apart from bases and shields. I think I will still try get an army shot after these ones are finished before the kickstarter delivers just in case it takes another few years to finish those as well. I’m getting closer to being able to get back to China, and then after that there’s a possibility I’ll be moving to the Netherlands for a few years, so I have no idea when I’ll be finished with everything now.

I’ve also been working on this scratch built juggernaut on and off for at least ten years. I was half planning on finishing it for the last GH but I burnt out after cutting all the coffee stirrers. I finally feel like I’m making progress now that I found some cannons to use and figured out how to mount them. I’m going to attempt to sculpt an approximation of the face of the original juggernaut eventually. This also makes me realise just how tiny the original juggernaut is. I’m going to give it some large jam jar lid sized wheels at the front and smaller ones at the back and fill the back with a bunch of vaporiser coils like my second boarless juggernaut. It still needs a hell of a lot of work to tidy it up, and a lot of spiky bits added, but its getting there. I’m not really counting it as part of the army as it’s probably going to be way too big and it could take another ten years to finish haha.

Here’s the last pic I took of the army, just so I’ve got it here to compare when I manage to get a new one. I’ve also bought a lightbox so I’m planning on taking better pics of the individual units. The mortar might need redoing as it was the first model I bought from the range. The base doesnt match and I stupidly painted their masks as faces. I’m determined to get an updated shot of this army this year at least. I really do need to get around to writing an army list as well. I must be way past the 4000 points mark now across the entire collection. I’ll get there slowly but surely.


I’m also tempted to find a way to include these Land Griffon’s in the army as well. Maybe leaving off the head ornaments, doing some headswaps from the Ewal Dverger and giving them a darker paint job would help them look suitably chaos dwarfy. Then I’d like to add the Vizier Tower from MOM Miniatures…this is going to be never ending…


Just beg mr loft @ os miniatures to make a stretch goal for brand new whirlwind that looks like it was birthed in the 80s.
We have the power to harass him now that he is here! :hob06:

Your army looks cool, i tried clicking repeatedly to zoom in and it didn’t work!! Better photos are needed.

You are right about the bear knights, i should have mixed and matched but it was a birthday present…

Those demigryph knightscould work as the larger centaurs in wap 8th or 9th. They seem to be far superior to the smaller cav sized ones rules wise but im a bit stubborn.

That juggernaut will be awesome when its done hopefully ill still be alive when its completed haha

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I’m hoping for a 3rd addition to the war machine range but I guess it would be even better if it had compatible parts. Just means I’ll have to get two so my army is even :sweat_smile:

I’m already regretting mixing the knights haha. I thought the morningstars would be raised above their heads. If i put those ones on the outsides of the unit it shouldn’t look too bad. Otherwise they need to be bent a lot so they don’t look like they are trying to flail down the ponys beside them. One of the bear knights is going to need a sculpted booster seat or something because he doesn’t sit properly at all. Looks like he’s trying to fly away. They wouldn’t be old school models if they were easy though

Theres a few close ups of the army in my old blog here: [Archive] Pyro's Chaos Dwarf Collection: Square to Round Base Adapters - #463 by PyroStick

Oooft I didn’t realise it took me 7 years to finish the asscannon. 8 years since that last photo was taken as well.