Pyroven's Evil Dwarves

It’s truly nothing fancy at all, to me it’s a good theory to knows and apply lightly.
Gonna leave here this painted model of mine just to show what you can easily achieve with a couple of tiny glazed after painting the overall skin tone.
It’s just what I do xD basic skin tone with shades and highlights, then I tint it a bit where I find useful


So I’ve now been four months apart from my Chorfs, hence the complete lack of progress. Seems it will be this way for another month or so as well.

In the mean time, enjoy this to-be-caged necromancer I painted around August time.

Was a super quick and fun paint job, I enjoyed it so much.


I have returned!

With great thanks to @Hotstuff for sending me some unsolicited gifts in the form of some grenadier miniatures chaos dwarfs, of which this is one.

Gederaz the Sightless

While apprenticing in sorcery, Gederaz’s master was harsh to him. For his very third lesson, he took his eyes, for a good sorcerer should not be needing of eyes to see. The theft was not clean, his master ordered a bull centaur to pincer Gederaz’s temples between their index finger and thumb, and rip out everything gripped therein.

Gederaz however, was indeed only on his third sorcery lesson, and did in fact need his eyes to see. The staff he now carries is not magical, despite his claims, as he understandably was unable to progress any further in his learning. The ball atop it is useful however for rolling along the ground to feel what is before him.

His companions, in their wickedness, have painted a large eye on his chestplate to mock him. In another life, perhaps Gederaz would have become a sorcerer of great power and skill. The path taken however is often decided by the actions of others.


Love these old Grenadier CD’s. I’ve got this one in a KoW regiment


Oozhu, Grand-Duc of Hashoot

Sculpted and gifted by the talented and generous @Hotstuff . Thank you ever so much, I adore the sculpt and I’m sorry it took me so long to paint it.

STL and more info about this mini available here.


Romulo the Bold

Romulo is very much a lone wanderer and an adventurer. Despite certainly having been born to a family, one would never picture him as part of one. He is also inscrutable both in his reactions to things which please him and to things which he suffers. Despite his seeming ambivalence to all, he is not unpleasant company when amongst others. In conversation, his short-worded participations are highly infrequent, but of great substance.

His motivation for battle is functional, though he finds it to be little different to sport. He simply fights to earn monetary or nutritional rations with whatever company will pay him them until he has supplies enough to wander forth anew. On the field he is a greater asset than his modest askings would imply. He moves in synergism with his allies around him, responding to their attacks with complimentary and strategic strikes of his own or closing openings left by his fellow soldiers’ shortcomings in defence. As mortar allows a pile of stones to become a building of much greater height, Romulo allows a warband to become a fighting formation of much greater efficacy.


Great colours! Love it!


Given the quality of these guys we’ll certainly forgive the slowness as it’s probably attributed to a laggy OS and unreliable fetching from archives.

Relentless memeing aside, really great to see more bastards in the wild!


Yeah. A Grenadier CD

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Grenadier Chaos Dwarfs



You have really made these models shine. My favourite thing you have painted. Great colour selection.


You did a great job on these! Wow!


Thank you both ever so much. @Zoddtheimmortal your approval is particularly meaningful seeing as I set out to mimic your style when I started this unit. I wanted to do a green, blue, red and yellow one each in your style. The blue and yellow came out particularly well in my opinion in terms of achieving that goal. Others I used a mixture of a slapchop technique with some of my classic painting style. A real mishmash of painting styles going on here, most of which new to me.

I’ve been really enjoying bright, bold and weird colours recently. Standing in the hobby shop I keep stopping myself from buying another pink or turqoise. I now have more pink/purples than I have of browns.

I have an obsession with pink and purple at the moment. There is so much room for colour variety in pinks/magentas/violets/deep purples. There is so much room for weird and wacky colour schemes compared to what I’m used to doing with my Karak Brun dwarfs.

Ironic, considering I didn’t actually paint any of the grenadier miniatures with pink as the main colour.


Awesome paintjob! I still love these old minis! :+1:

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