Ragnorok Minis - Norse Inspired Dark Dwarfs

I’ve got to say I really like the realistic historically inspired design of these ragnorok minis. Perfect for Norse evil dwarfs.

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Apparently a Kickstarter is coming soon. I’ve liked the page so I’ll post if I get more info. A really intriguing project though…


I remember seeing these and wanting to know more, I really like the looked these guys and the paintjobs too


They look like they would fit seamlessly in with lotr models. They look very nice but a bit tall. The guys with the willies hanging out are great haha


The best way to make an entrance into Valhalla


Just convinced the designer to do an article for Brazen Bulletin so hopefully we will get a bit more of an insight soon :smiley:

And yes the Willy dudes are great haha

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Here they are in all their glory !


Oeh! are these metal?! I do hope so. might try to convince some friends we need some of these just to paint

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The design looks familiar; if it’s not a coincidence then I think the same sculptor did a line of regular Norse style dwarfs and these look pretty much like a head swap of those.

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They look very much lord of the ringish. Not bad tho!

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“Aren’t you a little tall to be a (stormtrooper) dwarf?”

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