Ravening Hordes list

Greetings bros a local gaming club is running a one day tournament using 6th edition books including our mighty ravening hordes list but with the 7th edition big red book rules.
A little odd but I thought I would throw my hat in the ring so am looking for your guidance and suggestions on my list.
It’s 2000 points and I think a lord on a Taurus and a big bull centaurs block is a must. Any suggestions are welcome.
Secondly, does anyone have a link to 7th edition magic cards for download- I vaguely remember people made up their own back in the day but can’t find them.
Looking forward to your feedback for this trip down the ravenous lane.


I don’t recall any official cards for 7th… actually… one sec… Ahhhaahhh I could be mistaken, did you mean these cards? I honestly cant remember if these were from 7th or 8th

As for ya Rav Hordes list, don’t forget to have some cheap expendable slaves, and defs some hob gob bolt throwers which are nice and cheap I liked the blundies too although your not going to have much range. I favoured a defensive stance and castled like I would do with our goodie two shoes cousins to get the most out of the bolt throwers before entering combat as for memory the CD’s are expensive to field… has been a while though, pretty sure more than 10 years since I fielded a rav hordes list and got a drawn battle, I do remember those bolt throwers being gold but.

If possible snap a heap of pics for us at that tourny so that we may live through your eyes… I for one am very jealous :hatoff:
Nothing like that out here since I had my club in Orange and to get something like that to happen I would have to do it myself which would be difficult these days with my time constraints. Though it would be glorious and great to see some faces I have not seen in a very, very long time


Thanks bro I think those were 8th edition cards.
The tourney is 18 July so fingers crossed our west coast lockdown is over. Will take heaps of pics


On the old forum is some Lore of Hashut Cards.