Rosenhøj Mjød: Hill of Roses Mead by Bloodbeard

CDO’s veteran warlord @Bloodbeard is a real gem, a hobby powerhouse, a good family father and a kind fellow (even if Danish, greetings from the Medieval II Rebels faction across Öresund :wink: ), and he has recently taken to brewing his own viking mead, or mjød as the Danes say.* It was a really pleasant surprise to receive a bottle of his Rosenhøj Mjød (Hill of Roses Mead), brewed at home with water, honey and passion. It came packaged in hay, and contained a very kind letter.

Thank you so much @Bloodbeard for being a fantastic, helpful fellow! Thank you for getting me into sculpting for casting in the first place: Ever appreciated, never forgotten. Thank you for the wonderful mead, which I’ll take care to savour along with friends and family, and for the warming words. May health, war luck and loot come your way. And may Chaos Dwarfs Online continue to spawn such positive experiences among its members across the world. :slight_smile:


*Or mjöd as Swedes say without a hot potato in the mouth.


Wow - I discovered mead last Christmas and have developed quite a taste for it. That looks class - very authentic! ( I didn’t get any of the scandavian banter in this post by the way haha)


A fine drink for sure.

It is educational, haha! Our old CDO forum sported a crescendo of Scandinavian banter in 2014-2015, isn’t that right @Fuggit_Khan? :stuck_out_tongue:

We need to get Bloodbeard and Malorndk active here for starters to revive this fine tradition (Sweden & Denmark have some world record for numbers of wars between two countries, rivalled only by two obscure Bronze Age Anatolian kingdoms). It takes two hereditary arch-enemies to tango, after all.



If there’s ever a CDO meet-up, Bloodbeard has doomed himself to catering the alcohol for the event.



Bloodbeard indeed is a stellar friend, a good father and the most renowned scavenger in the world (it’s that Viking DNA)

I received my Mead today from him too, my Thai friends naturally had never heard of Mead…after all it’s a product of cold dark lands of godless savages :wink:
But since honey is a popular topping to all desserts here in Thailand, they all enjoyed a shot glass of Danish nectar :beers:
Skide lækker!
Ride eternal!


Always good to see when the hobby creates bonds that stretch beyond our miniatures :+1:t2::vulcan_salute:t2:


Amen. That’s the thing with CDO I’ve not got in other forums. Community. It’s definitely a thing here.

Some of the larger forums are too big to be a true community. Most of the other smaller ones died because they didn’t have that core of determined people to keep it going.

The forum that refused to die! Hashut bless CDO


Uh, Hashut’s Blood looking good!


To be fair, CDO is founded on having a passionate core group; it saw CD fandom live on during the cold years between Ravening Hordes and Tamurkhan, and it’ll keep it alive until whenever GW deign to give CD as a faction love again. :wink:


A fine present - mead truly is a noble drink! I also think that this says a lot about CDO as a community. It does the heart good to see the hobby bringing people together like this. :+1:



Its funny how some of the other groups dedicated to old world factions died out with the end of whfb. CD players are just like. “We are so used to being neglected that literally blowing up the world they live on doesn’t actually feel like a big deal to us “haha