SOLD - Big Hat project

Hi guys, I will part with my GW big hat project and thought I would advertise it here first.
I am based in Germany, overseas shipping is very expensive atm, please keep this in mind if you are from the US especially.

1 hero foot
6 command models
13 Axe warriors meTal
23 plastic
16 blunderbuss
6 bull centaurs (1 painted)
2 Rocket launcher
2 earthshaker (1 without banner pole)
1 Lammasu with the rider from the taurus
Some shields and decals
Pictures will follow. Everything stripped or basecoated except 1 painted bull centaur.

I don’t want to sell to an ebay reselller.

I would like to have 430 eur plus shipping. Please pm me if you have questions.


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Would you be willing to break it down rather than sell as one lot? I am defs not a SWSNBN… I will never ever part with anything from my collection and they are all loved very much.

I am sorry, these are sold some while ago.

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