Sons of Hashut: Chaos Dwarfs in Warcry

I really like that you’re taking creative leaps in the proxying. Things like monsters standing in for war machines is a clever idea, and Bloodboil for Blood of Hashut, and Gorehound becoming Naptha Bomb.

I don’t play Warcry, so I don’t know what options there are, but on a general principle its interesting that you chose Khorne, specifically. To me, Chaos Dwarves are all about the guns and magic, which that flavour of Chaos specifically lacks.

I play AoS, was unsatisfied with the old list, and also had to make a tradeoff.
I ended up proxying my army using the Skaven list. I sacrificed the staying power and brute force of the archetypal Chaos Dwarves, but made up for it with rampant access to firearms, warmachines and magic.

Come check out my post and tell me what you think.
My next goal is to pick up a Magma Cannon (Warp Lightning Cannon), a Lightning Elemental <as my army’s lightning themed version of a K’Daii Destroyer> (using rules for Doomwheel), and a great shonking Siege Tower (using the rules for the Hellpit Abomination)

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