Praise to Hashut!
With alll signs on heaven and the earth pointing to our beloved evil beard lovers comming to AOS in late 2022 or early 2023, what units/heroes do You all think we will see or just want to see?

For me the most wanted units would be for sure just good old Infernal Guard with Fireglaves. A sturdy fiering unit that can also hold some time in mele.
Then some small artilery like mortar/shoulder rocket teams would be great. Something in the line of Iron Harvest mortar infantry for Germans.
And in the 3rd place I would love to see some armoured berserker like unit. Something between the old Chorfs, slayers and the Infernal guard armour.

What do You think? What would You want?


As i’ve said in the podcasts and on discord somewhere. I will be happy with ANY model or unit i can use as “counts as” in 8th edition fantasy, and hopefully in TOW.

I don’t really desire any specific model, i just want something thats obvioulsy and clearly chaos dwarf (LOA mostly) but new and refreshingly different to what is available now.

If that is too much to hope for i’d settle with aestetics similar to LOA.


I guess I’d like to see cavalry sized centaurs again with cool helmets. Rules for chaos dwarf cavalry too. Some demon powered war machines, a new version of a juggernaut and tenderiser and a new winged beastie for our leaders to sit on. Not much really…


Decent blunderbussers

Always a unit where I’ve struggled to fine what I want

Do you mean new types of cavalry, or simply for non-beast type cavalry?

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Chaos dwarf boar riders/ pony riders or any other beast.
I think the main thing for me is:
A rich and varied army list full of unit options to try and build convert stuff for. The 9th edition warhammer armies project cd book for example. The 8th is inferior as it doesn’t have cav sized centaurs in…so frustrating…
We need lots of big beast and mobile war machine types that we can imagine in our own unique ways.

Models-everything great fully accepted as long as it fits on the right bases, I expect they will.


Funnily enough I don’t care about backwards-/cross-compatibility of the expected new AOS faction with WHFB or TOW. To be honest I want two armies: One reimagined classic army for TOW, complete with big-hat infantry etc, which ideally would also look good next to LOA units. For AOS I would like to see heavily industrialised evil Dwarfs, so indeed something which would be an evolution from the LOA style (and maybe even look good next to it), but overall I want to be surprised / wowed by GW here.


Yes! This is the essence of it, isn’t it


I’m looking forward to seeing the centrepiece model we may get, the Nagash/Archaon/Kroak type model.

I’m also looking forward to the AoSigmarization, the wow factor as you guys have mentioned.

Industrialised would be great, leaning more into the combination of industry and the arcane. Binding souls or demons as we have before but to a more magnificent level.

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More Hobbos, better armoured ones riding Hobhounds and a redux of the bolt thrower would be ace, a plastic update to the train would be awesome too, I’d be more inclined to set it up like a Hornby train.

Siege Giants, slave ogres and terrain but most importantly… trolls, armoured trolls, nasty buggers like those mentioned in the Oglah Khan backstory in the world’s edge mountains, imagine a unit of 6 spikey trolls with their own big hats :lol3:


Beasties, centaurs LAMMASU, Tauruses/i, slave ogres ( with horrid science/sorcery upgrades), yeah trolls with the same too, hobhounds, arcane impossibe over complicated insane war machines, whirlwinds and tenderisers, some sort of aerial troops (obviously helihats would be best!). Oh and a truly huge centrepiece leader!

Finally a winning lottery ticket to buy it all.

Not much really…


I’m looking forward to the endless spells and the terrain piece. I reckon they’ll be epic.


I’d be on board with more blunderbuss, artillery, and small cavalry options. More “Engines” would be awesome. That stated I’m mostly in the KoW and Dragon Rampant camp these days, so what fits AoS or 9th age doesn’t always fit for KoW. Thankfully if I get creative with KoW allies, I can usually figure out a way to proxy most models.

So far, I’m not a huge fan of the aesthetic of what they have released, so hopeful, but not counting on whatever gets released. This coming from a guy with an ecclectic, manufacturer agnostic collection from 20 different companies. We shall see what direction they ultimately take.