Star Wars: Rebels & Clone Wars [Possible spoilers]

Clone wars and Rebels. Who has watched these two animated Star Wars series? What did you think about them? :slight_smile:

A couple of recommendations in case anyone around here sport a more discriminating taste in Star Wars, and hasn’t checked out these series yet:

Rebels by and large manage to capture the spirit of the original trilogy, and has an especially strong first season in this regard. The very final ending twist appeared weak to me, but it could be worth checking out. Thrawn is a highlight for sure.

The Clone Wars had a weaker start, but by and large grew stronger over time. The very final season, which recently concluded, is surprisingly good - nay, great - and with a refreshingly dark tone and strong ending. If nothing else, do yourself a favour and check out season 7 of Clone Wars, especially episodes 8-12, if you are at all interested in Star Wars. The last episodes of the last season often manage to capture the very best cinematic Star Wars spirit.

For less discriminating tastes, both series is a neat watch and good family fun in case your children share your appreciation for that peculiar space opera which tends to bring out everyone’s inner child when it is at its best.

David Filoni and his crew has made a refreshingly good job with both series overall, and they are part of Star Wars productions which are worth viewing - at times very well worth it.

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That’s good to hear, I’ve watched all but the latest season of the Clone Wars and I’m looking forward to a binge very soon.

I enjoyed the various ties between the two series that also knit threads into the scope of the movies and now the Mandalorian. (The Mando arcs and the darksaber, the onderon rebels, Saw, bounty hunters, etc). I always appreciated the fleshing out of Jedi like Plo Koon and Kit Fisto scattered in SWtCW arcs but was definitely even more impressed by the overall story as it progressed to the later seasons.

Truly some great Star Wars moments in that series and although I prefer the Clone Wars to Rebels, Rebels certainly had its moments as well.

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I watched the first 2-3 seasons of Clone Wars but it got a bit too samey so I lost interest. I gave up cable tv before Rebels. Might get a free week of Disney+ and watch some one day.

Aye, samey is spot-on. But season 7, or at least its four last episodes, is something out of the ordinary.