Suitable crossbow cd proxies

Hi im looking for another unit of 10 chaos dwarf crossbows.
Ive got the macrocosm ones. They are great but i dont want the same again.

Ive seen theassaultgroup dwarf crossbows- great helmets but wearing very dwarfy clothes- bedt option probably

Essex chaos dwarves crossbows- only have 3 but 1.25 each pretty cheap but not quite armoured enough

The gw cd crossbows go for £5-15 each on ebay…bit too dear for me.

Any one got good suggestions for alternatives? Or just general opinions?

Cheap cheap conversion fodder = em4 miniatures
They’d need work to be CDs but would cost about 20pence each

Westalia miniatures has that 1 pound patreon for 3D printing and includes some badass heavy armour dwarfs with crossbows this month

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Hmm i cant see the westfalia ones but i dont know anyone with a printer anyway. I was looking at the em4 ones ladt night for a different reason. So cheap!

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Yeah em4 are silly cheap. I used their orcs to make hobgobbos last year. Worked well.

There was a guy posting his em4 conversions mixed with ralpartha on the cdo facebook in last couple of days.looked good. Ordered a bunch …why not…


They are class! Yeah why not indeed haha