Sven's Wicked Dwarfs

Hello, Dawi Zharr! I have begun work on my own Chaos/Abyssal Dwarfs. Most of my models are going to be from Mantic, since I prefer their aesthetic and like the prices. This Overlord, however, is from Reaper. He’s their Dark Dwarf Iron Tongue Priest.


Congrats on starting a blog! Great start. Are you basing them on 20mm or 25mm? Mantic abyssal dwarves have been a bit under represented of late. I look forward to seeing more

Yes! A new blog!!! Always exciting.

The reaper chaos dwarfs are pretty cool imo. Great start. I’ll be watching this with interest

Also this is of major interest. It’s a range that is woefully underrepresented on this forum despite the fact that it is the most easy to access and affordable range out there today

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Looking good Sven, can’t wait to see more.

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Welcome dude, I am looking forward to many great painted models, landscapes and war machines, not to forget the fluff! :wink: :metal: :hatoff:

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Welcome aboard. I am looking forward to the mantic Abyssals too.

I do have some fluff for this guy.

He’s Zhartan the Enslaver, lord of the citadel within Zharr Naggrund known as the Black Needle. He is one of the few Overlords with a true-born son, Khurgoth. As such, he is fiercely protective of his progeny, for within his survival lies the continuation of his line. This is not to say, however, that he does not exercise all the cruelty and evil a Dawi Zharr is known for.


Your scheme makes me want to explore a garrison of Blackguard of Uzkulak to go alongside the Reavers. Looking forward to more, really nicely done!

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Those of you who follow my Instagram (ulfskar) might’ve seen this part of the Bazuka Team in progress.

This scheme sadly doesn’t photograph too great, apparently. Which is a shame, because it is really cool-looking in person.


Here is the completed Bazuka team.


Try a black background, that will work much better for dark schemes!

Khurgoth is a viper in grass, born and bred. Though his father dotes on him, within Khurgoth burns a seething hatred for the man who gave him life. This is not to say that he loathes the ways of Dawi Zharr thinking drilled into him from the time he could understand speech, no. Khurgoth merely thinks he’d make a better, crueler lord of the Black Needle than his father. His time is not yet at hand, however. For it is clear to see Zhartan’s star is on the rise…

Face on Khurgoth is a little rough. Going to run him as a Despot. Need to finish his axe.


Very nice monochromatic paintjob! I like the stark, dark shading. Nice backstory indeed.

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Well, my Blacksouls Regiment finally arrived, so I’m banging out those guys. One detail you didn’t really see before was the blue.


This mean-looking lad is from Harlequin Miniatures/Black Tree Design. His rider is soon to come.


WIP Hobgoblin.


The finished Wolf Rider.