Terrain suitable for 15mm Chaos Dwarfs

Just stumbled across these, I think they’re intended for 15mm Lizardmen, but they look generic enough that they could be used for CDs without any modification:


Very useful for anyone that’s bought Tjub’s Tjublings and looking for terrain that’ll work with them. They might even work as decorative pieces for 28mm come to think of it.


Yes, I can recommend these alot. Got them some time ago myself! :slight_smile:

Also these from Cross Anvil. But really most of their range will suit Chaos Dwarfs. Croms Anvil - Shop


Very cool stuff! :smiley: Sweet pictures!

Your stuff always makes me want to do whatever it is your doing, I always come away from your projects want to to play Blood Bowl and that mini tabletop setup makes me want to play this :grin:

The addition of fire to the top of that and the simple grey painting you’ve done make those ziggerauts look amazing

That’s a very cool shop too, thanks for the link :+1:t2:

I think the new 28mm lizardmen pyramids from GW will work great for Tjublings 15mm Chaos Dwarfs. With a lot of black enamel paint and the blood of a thousand slaves of course!

Hmm, that might be true… It will make for one huge temple that for sure. :stuck_out_tongue:
I fear there will be some problems with model placements etc, but if you can make it work please share!