The Brazen Bulletin - Coming soon

Nice one @Admiral

Been amazed by the content people have sent me! I’d say this issue is probably full now after I add my last interview and the tjublings article and I can start thinking about a second one. This community- so creative and so generous


I will be watching this with great interest… :slight_smile:


@Willmark I did bit of research with what you guys achieved with WoH and it was astounding. This will be a much lighter affair. What you guys managed to put together was immense. This is hopefully inspired by but not imitating the original zine too directly.

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Do what you feel it is right, it can really be no other way. I mean that in the best way too.

WoH was an interesting, albeit big undertaking. I’d also like to think that what we did helped us get chaos dwarfs from Forgeworld.

Fun fact: through a twist of fate it became Word of Hashut, it was actually supposed to be called the Runes of Hashut


Runes of Hashut sounds like a great name for some other future publication!

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@Admiral maybe a fiction and art compendium ?


I was pondering the very same thing! Yep, it should be good for a title on CD culture project compendium in the future. :smile:


You can pay me in bitcoins for the idea! :mad:


We only do bitslaves on CDO



When the Dark Lord of Hashut speaks, mortals tremble (mmmmmwwwaahahahahahaaaaa)


__:abacus: crypto-
:head3:gobbo you say?


I’m going to do a final spellcheck and proofread on this document today. I’ll be releasing it tomorrow night! (I know it’s a March 2021 edition but I’ll be very busy Monday)

Please be prepared to spread the dark word of Hashut and share! Hoping we can use this to really spotlight what’s best about this community and lure some new users in!


Here’s that front cover art by @Goltor again because why not? Haha :taurus3:


:top2: woah
:tower6: It s already here!
:shock0: we are all so curious

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I’m looking forward to it, let’s see what there is to read! :lammasu1:

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I’ll post a preview of the contents in a bit @Zanko :taurus1:

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All will be revealed tomorrow night CDO!


Very excited for this. A lot of interesting articles right there.

Will this be posted somewhere else too since you hope to spread the word?

I’ll forward it to my gaming group anyway, but most are not table top gamers.

Also, that means the kick off of the exchange will start soon too!


I’m in too minds @MichaelX

I’m not sure the best place to host it. Benefits of hosting it here = when we send people links to the document we direct them here I guess? But I’m sure people will happily share, reshare, upload and reupload elsewhere.

But I’m not convinced of the best place to upload it. A googledrive might be a good place. Easy to access and would keep subsequent issues in the same place. Although hard to read on phone.

Sites like ISSU are a thing aren’t they. That’s where WoH was uploaded I believe.

I’ll ponder on this but I’m open to suggestions.

You could also upload a copy to Scribd. maybe?

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Can you download from Scribd? The site always seems to stop me.

Although maybe a scattergun approach is best. Get it out on as many platforms as possible ?