The Purple Reign of Pain (Lollipop Ironsworn)

I’ve yet to decide on the general’s name but that’s high on the list! Unit names The Beautiful Ones, The Raspberry Berets among others. Other Prince pun suggestions welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


The conversion looks excellent already; can’t wait to see those guys fully painted!

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Introducing the House Band of Hashut, deathliest entertainers this side of the Plain of Zharrduk!

The three founders, spun from Russian Alternative great weapons.

Ringo, also a Russian Alternative conversion (their Berserkers).

How to make this more interesting…?

…rocks and lava!

…and toothpicks. Toothpicks make everything menacing.

The band rehearses…

On stage ready to rock!

On the tabletop they proxy as an Earthshaker Cannon; so grungy are their riffs it causes fissures in the earth. Unfortunately I was not able to witness this as they’ve so far misfired - and exploded - both times I’ve used them. Rock on boys…


Awesome. Of course they misfire! Too much drugs sex an’ Rock’n Roll.


I’d never have guessed, but it’s very fitting! Reminds me of early Apocalyptica days where they would go on stage and threaten to “punish you with classical music”. The drummer really sells it for me. Great diorama and a cohesive piece. Given your blog theme I think we all expected you to show up full force and this entry lived up to it. Well done!

Rrrrrrock, rrrrock on!


Momentous milestone! A temporary ceasefire in the British drizzle allowed me to prime my bull centaurs.


I like them!
So the bodies, you said, are from Mantic, but what set are the heads (minus the hats) from?
Something from RA?

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Thanks! Yes, bodies from Mantic and heads from the RA berserker sets. Each box had 3 or 4 extras so here we are :smiling_imp:


Your beserkers have been turned to stone! Angry sorcerer maybe? The conversions look great

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…aaaand they’re done! 10 x bull centaurs galloping into battle. Mighty pleased to have finished these - can finally give my Ravening Hordes army the oomph it deserves :smiling_imp:


The lighting effects on the base :heart_eyes:


Love them! Fantastic work, both conversion and paintjob. Extra admiration for the champ’s base :hatoff:


My Golden Hat XLI entry - the Legendary Lord Gazzurak Brittlepriest, named after material from which he was forged.

Like all his legions, Gazzurak worships the great Purple one, and is suitably adorned with Prince symbols to fuel his funk on the battlefield.

I decided to crank the OSL to 11 on this one. It’s a strange experience, painting something that will later become flooded with light. Jury’s out on whether the original layers were necessary, but at least they’ve been preserved on this blog…

And now for the infernal hellfire! Did I overdo it? Maybe, but there’s no denying this is a searing hot Chaos Dwarf.

And finally, Gazzurak Brittlepriest! A pleasure to paint, made all the more enjoyable by the surrounding @GoldenHat hype. Looking forward to the next one!


I was surprised this wasnt in top 3, beautifully painted. The feathers came out perfectly, did you dry brush them or do something else?

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It had my vote at least. ^^
I consider the OSL successful, but maybe the lava itself is too much of a yellow surface.

The second OSL source is an additional complexity level but came out also very well and the rest of the paint job has a very high standard as well.

So yes, GJ!

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The OSL was/is amazing. The model is great. I had to vote for it. All respect for an utterly amazing mini. Truly inspiring.

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Thanks! They were dry brushed then hand highlighted. Soaked up a few podcasts on the feathers alone.

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Thank you! Oddly enough, the lava is not that flat IRL. It’s got lots of orange chunklets but my phone wouldn’t play ball.

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Golden Hat XLII!

This Scibor Snail was gathering slime. What better opportunity to flesh it out than Golden Hat XLII? A giant carnivorous mollusk covers ‘Daemonic’, but what about ‘Machinery’? Enter some old bits, a kebab stick, teeny spears and lots of superglue.

As I built this, I started to think about the consequences of such a contraption on the battlefield. Pulping anything in its path, this thing is a meat plough. A man mower. A hungry mollusk of unimaginable heck. Such an infernal machine required a big, bloody, earth-shaken base.

My original plan was entrails: piles of boots, hands, heads – any old bits I could get my hands on. I worried this might put me on a watchlist, so I settled on two unlucky cavalrymen whose horses could not outrun a snail.

Above: adding the torsos underneath the mower was a stroke of dumb luck. The decision to stick with it gave me many a giggle, which itself prompted a lot of soul searching.


Above: primed and ready to be sullied.

Et voila! Hashut’s Hungry Mollusk, a source of terror, pride and plenty of disgust. Long may it mow down its enemies. Fear it. FEAR THE MOLLUSK. RUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNN!


Great thematic detail on the base! I like the Russian Alt crew swap too.

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