The Reclamation of Shamash : Flagellant's Big Hats

First four finished!! I think I’m happy with the brass-on-black look of the shield/helmet ornaments but I could be convinced otherwise

I still need to decide on what to do with the bases though. There isn’t a ton left over with these guys on a 20mm base but I’d like to do something creative. Until I decide that I’m already itching to start the next group, should go much faster this time!

And many thanks to @Fabelzel for sculpting these wonderful shields!


This is going to be a striking force with this scheme! I like the look of the metal on the shields as you have them. Good contrast on the mini overall and the choice of color really pulls your eyes around.

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Love the colour scheme! Very unusual in all the right ways. Great variation on the beards as well. This is going to be a beautiful force.

Regarding bases for these chaps, my mind would be inevitably drawn towards 90s-style green ones, but I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea (never did them myself either, but then again I’ve never painted classic minis so far :smile:)

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Agreed, excellent application of a very uncommon colour scheme for the CDs. Really makes them stand out. Well done!

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Wooohooo, got to love some bone coloured Chaos Dwarfs.

Great scheme, it goes really well with those minis