The WargamesMaster

Dark tidings fellow CDOers!

Whilst waiting for my entry to the Artisans Contest to come back from casting. I decided to delve back into producing some YouTube videos.

I’m sure you all remember the GamesMaster (floating head of renowned astrologist Sir Patrick Moore who reviewed and had people play computer games in the 90’s). Well I hit on the idea of the WargamesMaster, a bizarre blend of my ‘Uncle Nergling’ character and the GamesMaster. He highlights interesting wargaming content from across YouTube and brings it together in a magazine format.

Check it out here:


Weirdly enough I listened to an interview with Dominic Diamond the other day talking about his time on Gamesmaster. Haven’t thought about that show for years. Funny how life throws up these little synchronicities.


OK so I actually found the time to watch and that was a fun nostalgic time.

Quick question though: can I get a track ID for that chiptune style musoc playing over the Space Hulk section? It has an excellent early '90s game crack feel.

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The best place to ask that question is in the comment section here: Space Crusade The Snes Intro - YouTube

That’s the source video, I’m sure the gentlemen at the Fluffenhammer will be able to dig into the archive and help you out!

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Thanks, appreciate it. Keep up thw good work!

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