Tuomas Pirinen's 5th Edition Chaos Dwarf Playtest

Thanks to tvandyke for sharing this document in 2009 which he got mailed in printed format from Tuomas in 1999, and thanks to @PyroStick for reformatting it in 2019:

Download: Tuomas Pirinen’s Chaos Dwarf Playtest

A look into what could have been, and fodder for inspiration. Inside it you will find stuff like Chaos Dwarf Alchemagi, who could turn a slave unit psychotic or frenzied, scimitar-wielding Chaos Dwarfs, Immortals, Golems and Lavathrowers.

tvandyke wrote:

I’ve just started taking a look at the Indy GT Chaos Dwarf list so this may already have been discussed, but I was wondering if anyone ever had a chance to playtest the Chaos Dwarf book that Tuomas Pirinen wrote at the end of 5th edition and, if so, were any of the rules in the Indy GT list inspired by that book? Obviously, if you didn’t get the chance to play test it, you wouldn’t even know what he had in it. For those of you that don’t know Tuomas, he was the head Warhammer Fantasy rules developer at GW for a few years and IMO, the best they ever had. He’s who is responsible for the rule changes in 6th edition. Gav Thorpe took over for him when he left GW. Anyway, his favorite army was Chaos Dwarves and he was always pushing for a real book. At the end of 5th edition, he had a new book in the works (and I think he even had some new models in the works as well) which I had the privilage of being able to playtest. I still have it after all these years. I think it got put on hold when he was tasked with rewriting Warhammer Fantasy (6th edition) and left the company shortly after 6th was released. Here’s some tidbits from the list: Keep in mind this was written just prior to 6th edition so was a 5th edition book.

Here’s some tidbits:

Chaos Dwarf Alchemagi (some fluff about these guys is there as well)

Expertise on War Machines: The Alchemagi may join any war machine, if he does, the war machine will ignore the first misfire result.

Slave Experiments: The Alchemagi may choose one of the Slave regiments at the beginning of the battle. He will have experimented on these unfortunate Greenskins. Roll a D6 and consult the table below.

  1. Lunacy - Subject to Stupidity.

2-3. Psycotic hatred. Hatred.

4-5. Toughened. Unit causes Fear.

  1. Frenzy.

The Immortals (0-1 Units)

Hand-picked warriors of the Chaos Dwarf House of Hargan (lots of fluff about the house).

Special Rules.

Stat line is same as regular Dwarves except WS=5, S=4 and I=3.

Unstoppable Assault: Ranks are not negated by enemy charging in the flank or rear. Being masters of the assault, the Immortals also ignore defended obstacles (opponents gain no bonuses for defending the wall, rampart, or other obstacle).

Ashodar Enslavers (fluff included)

Basically just dwarves that carry scimitars that are Strength 4.


M=5, WS=4, S=6, T=6, W=5, A=5, LD=10

Immune to psychology and break tests

Metal Body: Armour save of 5+ that can never be reduced by strength of attack (was this the old ward save?)

Crush: A Golem can make a single Strength 10 attack on an unmovable target such as building, chariot body, war machine, etc. This hits automatically and inflicts D6 wounds.


Lavathrower = 50 points (breath weapon, S4 -2 save modifier)

Great Hammer = 20 points (+1 Strength, you can buy two and get an extra attack)

Daemon Crystal = 50 points (2+ save against the effects of a spell, nowadays would probably be MR 3 or something)

High Powered Engine= 40 points (Gains +1M, +1S, +1A, but will suffer double wounds from enemy attacks because the machinery is more delicate)

Furnace of Hashut = 50 points (May use the Furnace at the beginning of each turn. It gains +2 M and +D6 attacks, but suffers D6 S6 hits in the process)

Armoured plating = 35 points (Gets an unmodified save of 4+ instead of 5+)

Rest of the army is the same as what’s available now. I have point totals (5th edition point costs), etc., but the book is a hard copy, so I’d have to type everything. I would have included the fluff but I didn’t feel like typing an entire book.

Check it out!

twoheadstalking wrote:

with Tuomas gone, the CD’s lost their backer within the studio. And while GW won’t admit it, from 4th ed- 6th ed, if there was noone in the studio who fancied the army, it would end up getting the boot. Tuomas was a great asset to the company.


Love it. Already, in my own headcannon, I was dreaming up something similar to an Alchemagi for my guys in Age of Sigmar. Its the perfect fit for Chaos Dwarves. They’re the perfect mad scientists - excellent at magic, crafting and engineering, and none of those pesky morals or conscience that hold the other races back.