Value of White Dwarf Presents Chaos Dwarfs (?)

'ello 'ello

So… my local games store has recently acquired a copy of the fabled White Dwarf Presents Chaos Dwarfs in what appears to be damn near mint condition-

They are charging $125 CAD. It is eating me alive thinking of missing this opportunity- but I feel as though the personal guilt of spending so much on a frivolous collector’s item would also eat me alive.

Do any of you own a copy of such a fabled print? And how much did you pay in your local currency?


So, my initial reflex was “125 is too much, even for that book”. I was then converting what I paid in € to CAD and it came out as, and I kid you not, 125 CAD! So yeah, I pulled the trigger on such a deal.

I don’t know how often one pops up on Canadian eBay. But with shipping and everything is expect you will not find it much cheaper there. Plus with the one in the shop you already know it’s in great condition. Honesty if you want it I’d say get it.


On ebay in the UK it’s usually £100 or so, not that I would pay that much personally


I bought my copy new when it came out, but it already had a sizeable crease and was the only copy in the store so I bought it anyway. It was 10 or 12 UKP.

There are places online where you can easily find and download a pdf scan of it - not that I’m promoting piracy of an old OOP book but if the contents are more valuable to you than having an original physical copy then there are options cheaper than $125 CAD. That price is not far off from the current Ebay prices for used copies, so it is probably not a bad deal for right now.


I paid £80 in feb '22 on ebay. These things are often cheapest in the UK as we have the highest supply and largest 2nd hand market. $125 CAD is a good price in Canada.


so I bought it…

I’m so happy. so, so, so, so happy.

it’s in even better condition than I expected from behind the glass display cabinet- it’s bloody mint!

I also bought the 4th edition Wood Elves for $25 (it’s in great condition but evidently used) as it’s my partner’s favourite faction.

These books are so cool. 90s GW is extremely nostalgic to me (even though I didn’t exist until 2005). My dad had Talisman 3rd edition and all it’s expansions. I would play with those 28 citadel plastic miniatures like they were action figures- and to my 8-year-old brain, the only possible reason the Chaos Dwarf was wearing such an absurd bronze hat was because it was in fact a crown! and he ruled over all the other miniatures.

Later in life when I discovered Warhammer Fantasy through the total war series (11-year-old me discovered Total War through his love of Napoleonic Warfare) - I re-discovered The Chaos Dwarfs and further fell in love. I still think they are kings, and it is their inherent right to rule over everyone else.

This book is over a decade older than me, and that’s super cool.


Very wholesome, I like it.

Enjoy the book, mate! You got something nice there for you. Yes it was expensive, but we are allowed to sometimes treat ourselves.