Veskisk Spitefur's Vile Rippers [2022-11-20] Stormfiends, rat ogres and a handler

I painted my classic screaming bell but boi did this model suck to paint, or i should say… the white paint did that weird thing again where it just will not hold on to paint. It pooled and worked against me on every stepcof the way. If i hadnt just stripped it i would have stripped it…

I think its either a result of cold temperature when priming or some chemical reaction.

Anyway, its done!

Also painted some random minis while waiting for stuff to dry.


That screaming is great regardless of primer issue. Plenty of old school character there


Glorious work on all these rats and their contraptions, @MichaelX ! Just a lovely palette.

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The Rat, the legend, Veskisk Spitefur himself, on his prized palanquin he found… err… conquered in the swamps of lustria! All though it doesnt really float, they tried their best infusing it with warpstone and magic. Alas for the 4 bodyguards who have to carry the damn thing it didnt work…


Some real character in fatrat there! Had a good laugh

That rat is fat enough to be a toad, great conversion!

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Stormfiends, orges and handler painted!

This means only the verminlord, the oversized hellpit abomination and any doomflayers i mightnprint this year!