WAP 9th edition - Proposed changes to Chaos Dwarf army list

The WAP guys are looking for some feedback on their list of upcoming changes to the army book. If anyone has any input to offer, let them know on the Chaos Dwarf army book channel on the WAP Discord server ( Warhammer Armies Project ] .

Personally, I agree with pretty much every proposed change, but they’re looking for the broadest range of opinions possible, so the more people that let them know, the better.

The list of changes is here: Chaos Dwarf Concerns - Google Docs

Triple nice marching has to go surely? Swap for the dwarf can’t be March blocked thing???

They already did that, I think. We have resolute (the whole “can’t be march blocked” thing) in 9th.

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Nice - I’ve only played Them a tiny bit and it’s been the bit I’ve house rules away. So sounds good to me

I’d love to see cd cavalry added. A number of model suppliers make them but they have to be proxies as centaurs.
Alternative armies, tag, clam- now old school miniatures, mantic, westwind

It would be great to see some rules for them, be it ponies, boars or badgers…

There is a guy on oldhammer Facebook who has an all mounted chaos dwarf army.

I think add a mount option to a dwarf hero/ boar or pony. That means all the 5th and 3rd edition guys can use their cav sized bull centaur heroes.

Chaos dwarf boar riders would be similar to orc boarboyz. Ws4 s3 t4 i2 w1 a1
Ld could actually be reduced due to unsettled nature of boar.
Weapons could be lance, great weapon or hw. Shield
Light or heavy armour . (Medium in your book)

Pony riders could be movement 6 after barding and heavy armour on the dwarf, same weapon options as boar riders. Pony could be like warhorse but ws2 due to smaller size

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This is the guy…

Here are the 3rd edition rules…

Pretty terrible but they are there…

I guess big hats would struggle even more with being cavalry, having to hold onto their hats!


Gotta make use of those chin straps! :grinning:

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