Warploque Miniatures Chaotic Dwarves

Warploque Miniatures is doung Chaos Dwarfs for his upcoming Patreon.


Sounds good! :beer:

I likethe multipart models, the helmets are great. Crying out to be done as a plastic sprue…no way there us a budget for that though…

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Since they are modular, we should ask the sculpter to make boar bodies for them…old school centaurs

Doesnt help me that much though…no printer!!


If any of the men here own a 3D printer and get the files, I’d love to have the CDs too! :wink:


Lovely! What a delightful bunch of bonkers Chaos Dwarfs. Some medieval helmet design choices there make me smile. WarplockMonkey has finally come home.

Someone get him to sign up here for a round of praise, please. :smiley:

@Zoddtheimmortal & @Zanko there are 3D-printing companies for those of us who lack a printer. Get files, send them to the company to print whatever amount you desire. I’m ignorant here, but perhaps some of our more learned members could help us out with links and recommendations? Perhaps we better start a thread for that, or append a link list to one of the 3D-printing threads? Calling @MichaelX et al, please tag all people who may be relevant.

Lacking a printer is fortunately no barrier with 3D-print companies around. Buying print files usually gives you a file or a link to a server for download. Send the file or the link to the company and they’ll handle all the rest, shipping fresh miniatures to you.

But of course, if fellow CDO members want to help, then that would work too.




Cerberus cannon. Lovely idea for triple barrel artillery. Neat design.

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like a lot the build, but not sold at all on the heads. i cant find any connection to CDs, but the model itself is lovely

Oh wow Warploque Monkey is pulling it out of the bag!!

Wonderful little minis these ones, may have to consider subbing to this one day soon :grimacing:

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I’ve got these files in hand now :slight_smile:

I’ll hang about on the patreon until boar centaurs and cannon come through too. Too cool not to add to my Dwerrow Zharr army


And Lamassu. Let’s not forget him

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