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I first started out as a lurker on the precursor to CDO, Hand of Hashut. But I eventually got around to start my blog in 2008, and since then it’s been filled with all things Chaos Dwarfs. I’ll transfer it over to the new forum piece by piece…


First Chaos Dwarf army

Second Chaos Dwarf army


Naval Warhammer

Blood Bowl

Battle Reports

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A man and his struggle to make the perfect K’daii. During my second Chaos Dwarf army I went through a few versions of K’daiis until I finally got satisfied with my creations. Maybe this is the reason why I haven’t tried sculpting any for 15mm yet… :thinking:

These got lost in the big “Photobucket affair”. But they were made of Ogres and Greenstuff. Might be able to dig up photos later…

These were made of Minotaurs and Greenstuff.

These were made from Bloodletters and Greenstuff. See a tutorial for the flames here.

These balloons were made of styrofoam balls covered with toilet paper and PVA. Chains were covered with Superglue to make them hold the balloons. Sadly they never got finished…

These were made with foliage glued to a core of wire and then drenched in Superglue and later PVA.

These are the regular Forge World K’daii with the chains removed and given weapons and shields form the older plastic Dwarf range.

The final versions for 28mm! :stuck_out_tongue: These were made of styrofoam cut into shape and then covered in PVA to strengthen the surfaces.

The first and only so far 15mm versions. These were made out of plastic foam sheets.


There’s something orcy about those last ones; maybe the CDs dilberately made them in the image of Orcish idols to put the fear of Gork (or is it Mork?) into their slaves.



Better start in chronological order, so here’s the first incarnation of Chaos Dwarfs that I made back in 2008. :slight_smile:

Warriors with hand weapon and shield.

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Chaos Dwarf Warriors with Blunderbusses


Converted from the BFSP ponies.

…and more work to do!

A Bull Centaur with a face job, the plan is to tuch up most of my CDs to this standard for the face. I do prefer the bigger noses and comic look so Ive set a task to renew my warriors. Only about 30 of them needs to be done.

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Converted from the old WFB goblin box.

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Death Rockets

This Death Rocket was for an old Golden Hat competition.


Hobgoblin Ballistas

Hobgoblin Archers

Scorcerer Lord on Lamassu


The Lammasu and Sorcerer finished.

…and my Lammasu is painted and ready for battle. He will be namned Swissammasu. Tongue There will be better pics once my flatmate is back from Japan. But I took a buch with my cellphone camera.

And one for size.

Now I will just have to figure out how to use him, with just beeing a total points give away.

As promised, some better photos of my Sorcer Lord on Lammasu.

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Hobgoblin Wolfriders
Made these out of the Goblin Wolfriders and Chaos Hounds.

WIP, waiting for them to dry so I can add som GS to the riders…

4/10 Hobgoblin wolfriders.

My Hobgoblin Wolfriders are FINALLY done, I started to paint these a few months ago. For some reason they were reall boring and I just couldnt finish them. Untill they had stod there on the painting table mocking me for ages and I realised that they would go away by them selfs. Atleast now there is peace in my mind and I might get back to do some more fun and creative stuff for the Chaos Dwarfs. Happy

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The slaves

This might be ½ lazyness and ½ cool idea, anyhow its a unit of human slaves. Count as naked hobbos. The wont have any weapons but loads of chains, and in the back row leading the unit there will be a grom sized(more than just a beerbelly fatBig Grin) hobgobbo with a huge whip and keys etc.

Slaves! Will play these as “naked” Hobgoblins.

My slave keeper Urzit, he is not a very nice Hobgobbo… Happy

My first slaves!

The slave unit is done, played as naked Hobgoblins. Im saticfied with them, think I might have to do another…

Urzit da slaver!

Simply removed the weapons and trimmed the hands to look more like a fist. The chains are from the Bretonian peasants box since they are bigger and more likely to hold an ogre. Tongue

Im really pleased with the look my slave units will have…

The Colossus

My very much WIP-version of a Colossus, I’ve had it around for some time but dont think Ive showed any pics yet. I know it differ from how a Colossus is discribed in the fluff. The plan is to use it with the steam tank rules, hence the “steam shooter” on top…

The Kolossus is more or less done, the “steamgun” is a bit too close to his face/googles but not much to do about it. Think of a german WWII tank commander… Happy


Chaos Dwarf Warriors with Two-handed weapons

Earthshaker Cannon

WIP of my Earthshaker and crew, there will be three Chaos Dwarves. The rest is just there to look good… Tongue I have do something about the flames on the Hobgobbo on the barrel, looks more lika a paintbrush than torch as it is.

Just painted up the Earthshaker and used it in my first game, me like! Thou I must admit that some of the older faces of my CDs have to be redone(the commander with the cannon). I prefer the more comic look with bigger noses…

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My Chaos Dwarfs dice, still the ones I use when rolling for my evil stunties 12 years later. :slight_smile:

Bullcentaur Hero

Here is a hero, or maybe a lord sometime. But Ive used him as a hero in games recently to beef up my Centaurs. Happy
I didnt take many photos of him before he was done. But here are a few…

Lord on Taurus

I did something a bit comic for a Lord, I know the fluff for the Great Taurus but I tend to think of the monsters as demons. And how cool woulndt it be if there were calfs. As you can see the situation is a bit embaressing for some…

The GS between the wings is for the sadle.

WIP, the calf is done… It looks a bit more evil than I thought it would, but still ok.

Well, the lord is done… Im pleased how it turned out, a bit more evil than I aimed for but still the curios/afraid calf look. Tongue

“sniff sniff…”


Images from the “Army Showcase Section”, original photos were lost.

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