Where To Buy Movement Trays for The Old World

I’ve been wondering where best to buy The Old World movement trays to adapt my Fantasy army, so I thought I’d make something of a list of what I’ve found so far, and add to it as I find better/cheaper/alternative options.

As stated in the relevant Warhammer Community article, “If you’re playing at home there’ll be no requirement to rebase anything. For casual play, the size of base will make a minimal difference to gameplay. The rules will be written assuming the new larger base sizes – so if you’re planning to play competitively, you might want to upgrade to larger bases.”

Not that anyone here would need to be told by Games Workshop what size they’d make their bases. But of course some of us (myself included) often play pick-up matches against strangers, or perhaps play competitively. So for those of us, where can we buy inexpensive spaced movement trays?

How To Make Your Own Free Movement Tray STLs

A guide by @Reaver can be found here.

— Individual Square Base 20-25mm adapters —


GreenStuffWorld - Hollow Square Bases

Facebook Link
Greenstuffworld Link - Clear
Greenstuffwrld Link - Black

— Spaced Square Movement Trays —


DIY: Make Your Own With Coffee Stirrers!

“Turns out coffee stirrers are 5mm wide…”

Link to Facebook Post

Image Link Backup
Obviously this will add a 2.5mm lip around the edges (i.e. half a coffee stirrer) but Fantasy has always been played with much bigger tray lips than that anyway!


3D Printable: Spacers Designed by @cornixt for Attachment onto Any Material

Spacers for spreading out models on 20mm bases to be 25mm by Cornixt - Thingiverse

3D Printable: Spaced Movement Tray STL - Auto-Generator Script for Any Size of Unit!

Created by Stefano Linguerri, link to the GitHub page.
Seen on Facebook here (Hashut alone knows whether a Facebook link will work though).

openscad -o tray.stl -D "cols=6;rows=3;" paremetric_tray_generator.scad
Will generate a tray with 6 cols and 3 rows calculated for default 25mm square base and 20mm insets, the tray will be 150x75 mm.”

3D Printable: by Highlands Miniatures


3D Printable: by /u/Fortis222 on Reddit

Reddit - Dive into anything

Backup Rear Image Link | Backup Front Image Link
Direct Link To FREE STL
Direct Link to £2.69 Full Range

3D Printable: Perfect Dimension Trays by Cooptread on Thingiverse (Also has round base movement trays) (No magnet holes)

Warhammer The Old World Movement Trays by Cooptread - Thingiverse


Purchase: Customeeple MDF Spaced Movement Trays


Purchase: Ebay UK Seller - tieriel

Wargame Movement Tray 20mm to 25mm perfect for Warhammer The Old World | eBay

— Round Base Movement Trays For Age of Sigmar Cross-Compatibility —

Here we’re essentially looking for 25mm round base trays for standard infantry, similar to the original Lord of The Rings movement trays.


3D Printable: Perfect Dimension Trays by Cooptread on Thingiverse (Also has Square base trays) (No magnet holes)

Warhammer The Old World Movement Trays by Cooptread - Thingiverse


Customeeple MDF 25mm Round Rank-and-File Adapter Movement Trays (Perfect Dimensions)


Sarissa Productions MDF Conversion Trays for 25mm Round Bases (Perfect Ranks But With Outer Border)

Conversion Trays for 25mm round Bases – Sarissa Precision Limited

Other: Honourable Mention: Litko

Laser Cut Movement Trays for Miniature Figures — Page 2 — LITKO Game Accessories



Anything you can buy you can do better, more custom, magnetized, and cheaper using free software.

Don’t forget about this Darklands Printing Services. New folk be sure to add any machines you have available to you.



I’ve added a lot more things to the list now, I should probably format it better but I still lack the forum expertise to really do so.

My favourite is the guy from the Warhammer Fantasy Dwarfs Facebook group who worked out that coffee stirrers are 5mm, that’s probably my favourite DIY method that doesn’t involve 3D printing.

@Reaver @MichaelX how easy is it to break a resin 3d printed movement tray? I know 3d printed resin is quite brittle and that would be my primary concern with a movement tray with how many metal models I’ll be putting on them.

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Hi mate,

I would advise against resin trays/spacers but not specifically/just because of strength issues. Mostly because of cost. Fdm will be much cheaper, but also stronger. Resin is fragile but mostly when it comes to impact damage. A movement tray wouldnt break from normal usage is my guess, but it would very likely shatter when dropped, even if empty.

If you do go for resin I’d just print the raster and glue that on a sheet of wood or steel plate. That way its much stronger. But that can also be done with wood sticks as you said.


Saw Michael was typing so I didn’t bother, this is exactly what I would’ve said and more.


I made my own spacers.

Have to remember to let them cool before removing them from the printbed, or they bend easily and are a pain to bend back.


I’ve updated this with the addition of a UK ebay seller I found (link).

I also used spoilers to neaten the post and make it easier to navigate.

If I may pitch in with my own attempt at a solution:

Inspired by this very thread, I tried making my own movement trays using my fdm printer. The pins are square pegs that fit into holes in the bottom of the bases. So you would still need to rebase your miniatures but the movement trays can be made to simulate 25mm bases for Unit mounted on 20mm ones.

The trick was to make the tolerances tight enough so the bases click on satisfactorily, but still can be removed easily.