[WHFB] 8th Ed./Ravening Hordes/Legion of Azgorh question

When Legion of Azgorh first came out was any work done by the community to harmonise the two lists (Ravening Hordes and LoA)?

In the CDO wiki there is mention of an updated CDO errata counting the RH Chaos Dwarf army as Warriors of Chaos for the recruitment of specific LoA characters and units, but it’s not hosted on the site so not sure if it was ever released… (excert and link below)

Some units from the Legion of Azgorh army list can be taken in Warriors of Chaos armies. To address the coexistance of both the Legion of Azgorh and Ravening Hordes army lists members of Chaos Dwarfs Online have incorporated an addendum in their Ravening Hordes Errata document (which is meant to bring the Ravening Hordes list into line with the 8th Edition rules) which simply counts a Ravening Hordes Chaos Dwarf army as a Warriors of Chaos army for the purposes of incorporating the Legion of Azgorh units into a somewhat unified whole.


I’m wondering whether this errata clarified the ‘double-up’ of monsters called ‘Great Taurus’ and ‘Lammasu’ (while the profiles are the same for RH and LoA, they have different sets of special rules).


Could this be what you are looking for?

Otherwise my best bet is that you’ll find it in this section, all worth saving will be moved over to the new forum when there is time…

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