[WHFB - 8th Ed.] The BEST close combat units in all of Warhammer (featuring the K'daai Destroyer)

Over on Lustria Online there is a in-depth mathhammer tournament featuring 16 of the best close combat units in the game of Warhammer Fantasy. Among the sixteen is our very own K’daai Destroyer.

The first post in the thread includes the list of competing units, a breakdown of how the tournament is setup, run and its limitations. There is also a complete hyperlinked index for each and every matchup so that people can jump to any mathematical matchup they desire as well as a shortcut to the final tournament results (for those wishing to skip right to the end).

The best close combat units in all of Warhammer tournament thread can be found here:

Come see who the K’daai Destroyer went up against and how it fared.

Enjoy! :cd1990:


Pretty cool! I always like those things. Maybe they could formalise my Are Infernal Guard with Fireglaives the best unit in WHFB? thing in this way too? :sweat_smile:


The salient data.

Who knew the Arachnarok was SO awful?

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Arachnarok is one of those units I just don’t have on my radar. Couldn’t have told you if it were good or bad, affordable or expensive, auto-include or forgotten relic. Guess now I know :wink:


The poor Arachnarok definitely did not have a good time.

However two things to keep in mind:

  1. It was literally pitted against the very best close combat units in the game. A murders’ row in every sense of the word.

  2. It had no access to the much needed Inspiring Presence leadership bubble which it would have in a real game. Based on how the tourney was setup, this meant that if it lost in combat it was always considered to break and be run down.

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Destroyer kicking some arse!!

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