[WHFB/AOS] Thus Spoke Xarathustra pt 1

You are not beings of magic; you are beings of stone.

The lord Hashut has leant you this power but - as with all things - it is merely borrowed.

Such power should not, can not, be wielded by a Dawi, yet through the Father of Darkness you do these things. You breach the boundaries of the possible and break the so called laws of nature.

And for this you pay a terrible price.

Your fathers long ago made bargains and oaths you all to this day still keep. You abandoned the worship of false idols and embraced the voice in the shadows. The voice that whispers to you still, that dares you to dream, that pushes you to dominate and subjugate all that crawl before you.

And, when the time is come, your master shall demands payment for these things.

Gladly give yourself to Hashut, for your body and life are but a small price to pay when the reward is to have lived and ruled as a true Dawi Zharr.

If you are to be a statue, with your eternal soul trapped within, then you shall make an edifice of yourself. Your form shall tower over all those who came before and intimidate all those who have yet to come.

Let them say, “It is he, whose wrath still echoes throughout the ages. It is he, whose word could rend flesh from bone. It is he, who lived as a Dawi Zharr, fought like a Dawi Zharr and ruled like a Dawi Zharr and for whom this was reward enough. “

For you are not a being of magic - merely its temporary custodian. You are a being of stone and to stone you must return.

Thus spoke Xarathustra.


Bravo! Excellent take on the curse and Hashut’s relationship with the dwarfs. Love it, and the allusion to Nietzsche.

“Dwarfs, you stared at the abyss for too long! And now the abyss stares back!”
“Cool. Let’s haggle.”


I really like that! Gladly more of such texts! Unfortunately I lack the imagination and creativity, so I would rather participate in your thoughts!

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Lovely artwork and writing! Truly Dawi Zharr. Excellent!

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