[WHFB/AOS] Thus spoke Xarathustra pt6

A daemon is not alive young Dawi Zharr. Remember this. A daemon Is but a resource. It is a thing to be plucked from the earth, and burnt in the engines of war much like coal or oil.

These things do not draw breath. They are neverborn; they are the soulless. They may move with an illusion of will and life, yet when the wind screams we do not attribute it with life, and when the ocean rises and falls we do not call it free will.

These things are no more alive than rock or iron or fire. But just as flame can be teased from coal or metals from ore, so too can raw fury be teased from the daemon.

And this is where true power can be derived. Wise is the Dawi Zharr who enslaves the daemon for he has tapped into a powerful resource indeed.

He knows that this fury, once properly channelled, may be unleashed upon the infidels and lesser races in the form of great magics and flames. He knows that the raw power of daemons may be used to turn those great wheels of industry that will crush their bones of the lesser races into the earth.

The Norsemen they say, summon the daemon to make a pact with it. They plead and barter with these things. Hah! The fools. We do not bargain with a daemon any more than we would bargain with a sword or axe. These things are tools to be wielded. And oft they are wielded by scheming and bickering gods who you would do well to not trust.

We do not trade words with the puppet, for we see beyond the curtain and perceive the puppeteer. Nay, we cut the strings of the marionette and cast its wooden corpse upon the fire. And while the Norsemen freeze in the wastes of ignorance we shall be kept warm, bathed in the light of power and knowledge.

Most foolish of all are those cretinous warriors upon a so called “path to glory”. Daemonhood they desire?! They claim to wish to attain power; truly they wish to give themselves over to slavery. They bend their knee and pray for irons to be placed upon their wrists. We do not debase ourselves in this way.

The daemon is a resource you must learn to harness.
The daemon is a fuel you must learn to spend.
The daemon is a weapon you must learn to wield.

Ask not what you can do for the daemon. Ask only what the daemon can do for you.

Thus spoke Xarathustra.


Magnificient. Pertinent all the way through! This will enter must read list for Chaos Dwarf Daemonsmithing background along with Revlid’s classic piece On Daemon’s Stump. And the artwork is as good as the writing! Bravissimo, @Oxymandias ! :hatoff:


Fiction, philosophy AND art? The boy’s a triple threat. This is ace!


Hell yeah!

We do not fear the demon.

We assess him.


I didn’t know the text at all, very ingenious! It was great to read! :metal: