[WHFB] Looking for help building my first ever 8th ed. CD army

Okay, so many of you are following my thread about my mostly 3d printed army.

Since it will be quite some weeks/months to my next battle (:pensive:) there’s a chance my dwarfs are ready when its time to build an army list.

Anyone here have tips or exaples of fun 8th ed cd lists? I don’t necessarily need a competitive list.
It would help prioritize my painting too!

This is what i have (not all painted)


This is the defensive list I’m looking at now.

+ Heroes +

Daemonsmith Sorcerer [175pts]
. Deamonsmith Sorcerer: AB - Stone Mantle, BRB - Charmed Shield, Level 2 Wizard, Lore of Metal

Daemonsmith Sorcerer [120pts]
. Deamonsmith Sorcerer: BRB - Dispel Scroll, Level 1 Wizard, Lore of Metal

Infernal Castellan [190pts]
. Infernal Castellan: Battle Standard Bearer , BRB - Dragonhelm, BRB - Talisman of Preservation, Great weapon

+ Core +

Hobgoblin Cutthroats [167pts]: Murder Boss, Musician, Standard Bearer
. 29x Hobgoblin Cutthroat: 29x Bow, 29x Hand Weapon, 29x Light Armour, 29x Throwing Knifes

Infernal Guard [491pts]: Deathmask, Musician, Standard Bearer
. 27x Infernal: 27x Blackshard Armour, 27x Fireglave , 27x Hand Weapon, 27x Shield

+ Special +

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher [125pts]: Hellbound
. 3x Chaos Dwarf Crew : 3x Hand Weapon, 3x Heavy Armour

Iron Deamon War Engine [310pts]: Hellbound, Steam Cannonade

+ Rare +

Hellcannon [210pts]

Hellcannon [210pts]

++ Total: [1,998pts] ++

Hi there,
I have never played a chaos dwarf army yet myself, hope it changes in 2021 but i reckon you are using the wrong armylist :17: are you aware there is this one free to download somewhere?

There are way more options in the armylist and many things appear to be cheaper and toned down a bit so you can get more chaos dwarfs on the table. It seems really well written and balanced to me. Needless to say that im basing my army collecting on this list( its got everything) . :17:

My list is based on standard tamurkhan models.

What is that print from? The armies project?

Yeah…must be. It is either this list or ravening hordes for me. I guess i imagine chaos dwarfs as a large army rather than the characters, war machines and 1 unit of infernal guard that i see in youtube battle reports. I guess everyones interpretation is different. I do recommend looking at that book though (its the only way i can use my 10wound juggernaught too!)

Will do, i see multiple versions though…

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Oh yes, Chaos Dwarfs 8th lists!
So I play with the Tamurkhan list as well, Not sure if ravening hordes is still officially valid in 8th, this one definitely is.
So generally I would advise to have more “units” on the field. You have only two units without war machines, your opponent can quite easily outmanoeuvre you. And the Hobgoblins are not even that dangerous, so it’s basically only one giant unit of Chaos Dwarfs. I would at put maybe some Bull Centaurs on the table as a third unit. Maybe instead of the Deathshrieker.
Also, why not use Lore of Hashut with your lvl2? It’s quite good, potentially great with Ash Storm.
Other than hat, have fun :slight_smile: And keep us posted how it went :wink:


Good questions. Mostly the answer to all is, because I went very defensive.

With this list I dominate shooting, I don’t need to move much since I’m defensive. Kinda weak on the magic side, but can’t have them all…

The hobgoblins are there to hopefully stop any warmachine killers

With all my armies I always suck with ( fast) cavalery type units so thats why they aren’t there (yet).

I usually play against greenskins, vampire counts or dark elves. My opponent is very good. I think I might surprise him with a stand and shoot army :innocent:

Oh and magic lore… I just chose one not yet looked at all the spells.

I wil try and do a battle report but it might take a while…

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I agree with jasko. I would need 1-2 expendable cheap units to divert or hold up powerful enemy units from crashing asap into your sole chaos dwarf unit, or something to save your war machines from fast cavalry. Even if it is only a hobbo on a wolf. 2000pts is tough to fit all you need i guess

Alright, so what you could also do is get two units of 20 Hobgoblins instead of one with 29. You could swap the second Hellcannon for a Magma Cannon, which is always a great choice, and free up 65p. Plus the 167p currently spent on the Hobgoblins that’s 232p. That can be 2x20 Hobgoblins with Bows, Shields and Musician for 228 points and, since you only had 1998p to begin with, laves another 6p for a 5p magic item of your choice :slight_smile:

Thats a great idea. If need to print another unit of hobgoblins and get a magma cannon but this will definitely go on my “to play lists” list

Thank you!

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As Zoddtheimmortal said, 2000p is tough for Chaos Dwarfs. It’s a very expensive army.

I used to play warriors of chaos in 6th. My other army is lizardmen with more then 1/4 of the points in a slann and another 300 or so in a temple guard bunker. That leaves me with 1100 points for the rest. No warmachines to choose from though.

I can do low model count. It just takes time to get used to the army special rules.

I dont even care if i lose every single battle i ever play with this army, i just really really love chaos dwarfs :rofl:

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@Zoddtheimmortal, @Jasko, feel free to suggest offensive lists though, or cheesy is fine too :smiley: i would love to wipe his stupid vampire blender lord off the table and see his army crumble in two rounds :08_1:

Against undead i feel you either avoid/ ignore or hit with everything you have all at once (need massive combat res to crumble them). It depends on the lists they are running, if he can heal all the damage your shooting can deal you are in trouble. Against those blood knights your list will be alright with diverters and the changes jasko mentioned. Maybe id try death magic and try and kill off his characters. Make sure you have magic weapons somewhere to kill off spirit hosts or banshees.
If he runs those troll sized ghouls dont get sucked into prolonged shooting or combats to kill them, that is what he wants.
I dont actually have your army list so i have to be vague. Im a primarily a goblin player until the start of covid 19 lockdown : )

Well, if you want offence, you want the K’Daii Destroyer. He’s just a beast. Fireborn can bring the pain as well, but they just have the problem that there’s a good chance they burn themselves out. Bull Centaurs with Great Weapons are good on offence two, with the Banner of the Eternal flame they can take care of those undead units with regeneration saves. Most important against Vampire armies is to have your war machines hellbound to have magic attacks.

There is also lots of Legion of Azgorh tactics on 1d4chan

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This is gold!

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Eeek, forget my point on the Lore of Hashut, Daemonsmiths don’t have access to Lore of Hashut, only Sorcerer-Prophets :13: