[WHFB] Waaagh! Rudnik - Night Goblin Auxiliaries [2022-11-22]

Haha, I don’t even know how they are in 8th tbh :see_no_evil: LD10 is def gone, but I think swarms are still unbreakable/unstable? Something like that. So not very durable :joy: and they have these 6“ S2 no armour weapons, too funny if they take down a Chaos Knight…

The infamous Squig Gobba and two mighty Mangler Squigs

The Squig Gobba is totally bonkers. It follows the usual grimmer Forgeworld aesthetic. The rules found in Monstrous Arcanum are really not that great, I just use it as a night-gobliny Doom Diver proxy. Fits quite well imho, I just say the little squigs bounce once instead of the doom diver manipulating his flightpath.

The Manglers are probably the best units in the entire army and I was very happy when GW released these classic models. And with two-part epoxy and some pins they are surprisingly sturdy.


They look great, jealous of squig lobba. I remember reading the rules thinking it was terrible many years ago. Have you got a colossal squig yet?

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Thanks mate!

No, don’t have a Colossal Squig. I don’t like the rules (and don’t have something to proxy in mind. Maybe a giant? Not sure) but I also don’t reaaaaaally like the model. That running pose is weird imho. Something like the artwork in the book would be much better. I think I saw some 3d printed ones which looked quite nice.

Gorgeous mushrooms, great contrast with the squigs. I like how you’ve flipped the script on how those colors are used in most squigs with mushroom bases. The gobba is such a fun diorama piece!


Thanks so much for your kind words, much appreciated!
I’m quite happy with the mushrooms as well. Really looking forward to seeing it all together.

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