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This Wiki is dedicated to the archival of all information pertaining to the Chaos Dwarfs in the World of Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

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Welcome to Chaos Dwarfs Online Wiki Project!

4a7b74e6-45b3-4890-aec4-396685849bc3 The 80b9d445-d7d5-48e9-acb5-cba77627f0c2 are a sub-breed of dwarfs found in Warhammer Fantasy Battle, and, by extension, in the world of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and ab030eb7-372b-4592-97ab-f2e9c424173a. The current rules for playing Chaos Dwarfs are provided in d40e0ab9-6e70-443e-b825-548957720bcb by 10aaa504-6e22-4c7a-90f5-0075d245103e, the Warhammer expansion adae8ce6-4659-4d95-8001-cfcda4affd1b, and Warhammer Armies: Warriors of Chaos.

This wiki aims to be a comprehensive resource for all gamers wishing to play Chaos Dwarfs, collecting much of the source material written through the different editions of Warhammer and tie-in games.

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[[Chaos Dwarf History and Fluff Chaos Dwarf History ]] 1e9dcac6-932f-408c-b97f-0f2b7e14042f [[Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
[[Chaos Dwarf Resources Chaos Dwarf Official Rules]] 96e30720-a0a7-43c8-a765-0866280ae8a8
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