Willmark's Chaos Stunty Army Project

Here is the start of the transfer from my Army Thread from the old site to the new…

From the Old CDO Site:
Welcome to the start of my WCSAP as I like to call it ;).

Anyways here is the start of my chaos dwarf army. I’m a helmet/mask type of chaos dwarf and I am unlikely to use any of the official Chaos Dwarf figures. hob-gobs are another story as I plan on a lot of those from the various GW sites

Here is my first unit under sculpting construction, better pics to come, sorry its off of a camera phone, iPhone to be exact! :slight_smile:

A unit of 24 chaos dwarf warriors 5 ranks by 6 wide… Why that you say? Notice the 40mm by 60mm placeholders (i.e. the bases)… stay tuned; my general is going there, but you’ll have to wait and see what exactly he will look like :slight_smile: hence not needing six more stunties.


Awesome. :smiley: I should start up my own thread. :slight_smile: