WTB - AssCannon Crew - Purchased

ass cannon-commander

Has anyone got or seen this guy?
I would really, really like to buy him and I do not care one little bit what part of the world I have to ship him from.
Sorry for the low detail picture.

This is a 3rd edition model, the guy was originally with the AssCannon. I have it, but unfortunately I don’t have it. But I’ll be happy to keep my eyes open for you.

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That is 100% correct, he is the commander of the crew. I found the other 2 crew who were also used with the mortar but the commander seems a bit harder to find :sad:

Thanks for keeping an eye out for me, two set of eyes are better than one :beer:

Originally he sold for 60p!! I doubt I will get him for that these daysass cannon-0

Okay if you don’t mind going unofficial @Deebo Andy Taylor aka @ATOM has a Facebook page where he sells old school miniatures that he’s sculpted. Not sure how active he is on the forum though so probably best to contact through Facebook. I have previously bought minis from him and been impressed!!

Anyway he has his own asscannon and one of the crew members is near identical to what you are looking for. Just a different weapon I think.


That is so very close, it is just the hand and weapon that is different!
I would prefer to get the original if it is possible but if not I will be coming back to this guy.
Thanks heaps for the tip, much appreciated :beer:

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I’ll have a look at my spares when I get home (thursday)

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I’ll keep an eye out too, still have some 3rd Ed lying about somewhere…

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I finally found one!! There are two people on fleabay that have them, both are extortionist resellers… One of them has 1 copy and it has been a bit mangled, ruined in my opinion, he wants a tad over $46 inc postage. The other guys had collected 11 of them and has 6 left, looks to have been very quickly and shoddily stripped of paint and he wants about $54 in postage, that same guy has the other 2 crew members for about $63 so all up is gonna cost me approx $117 for the 3 crew, dirty SWSNBN buggers :mad:

If anyone wants to undercut that price even slightly I would be a very happy lad as I hate to reward these people on ebay for what I consider a vile act to collect up all the mini’s and then sell them back at 2-3 times the price but if left with no other option that is exactly what is going to happen.

I shall await until Monday as I will be away from home for the week on a business trip and will order them at that time whilst my wife is 12 hours away to ease my ears when she finds out I spent so much money on 3 tiny models lol

I’m not saying this guy is a recaster…but…that’s classic recaster behaviour. Recast a mini. Basically attack it with paint and strip it poorly to “sell” the idea that it’s legit. Having 11 copies of a rare model is also a little suspect.

Now- to be honest with you buying metal models and getting recasts instead on eBay has just become a part or collecting oop miniatures. The market is so flooded and mostly the quality is so good that you don’t even realise.

I had one bad experience- a slaanesh warrior from realm of chaos who had pitting all along his sword and snapped in half when I tried to bend his slotta base in half. The dude was cool and refunded in full to his credit.

Just putting it out there @Deebo . It bothers some gamers it doesn’t bother others.

(Disclaimer - obviously recasting IP of models even OOP ones is illegal and I’m not condoning it. I have purchased models that I suspect or later know to be recast on eBay unknowingly until I got them in my hand.)

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It would not surprise me these days, cheers for the heads up

Cannot help I’m sorry to say. Had a look tonight and no luck.

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All good mate, I appreciate your willingness to help :hatoff:

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I have since purchased all original ass cannon crew and 1 axemen from 4th ed I was missing for an extortionist price on flea bay, $153. I would like to thank everyone that jumped in and tried to help me out, I appreciate your efforts and willingness to help, you are good people.

This thread can now be locked, perhaps we could keep it for reference though?